0Andres Dong12-Wexford
0Kat Gatto22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Tracey Yeboah10-Father Henry Carr - Rexdale
0Faith Modeste10-Father Henry Carr - Rexdale
0Chanelle Laryea10-Father Henry Carr - Rexdale
0Tyler Fortin27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Jide Owa27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Connor Wherry27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Osayame Osaghae27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Diego Estrada27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Diego Cabrera27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Daniella Galic27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Mackenzie Bedard27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0MaryKate Fraser27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Erica Pambianco14-Loretto Abbey
0Andrew Campos07-Chaminade College
0Jalyen John07-Chaminade College
0Josh Linhares07-Chaminade College
0Stefano Manno07-Chaminade College
0Nate Gonzalez07-Chaminade College
0J.P. Gagliano07-Chaminade College
0Chris John07-Chaminade College
0Daniel Santos07-Chaminade College
0Christian Rischito07-Chaminade College
0Evan DeBuglio07-Chaminade College
0Andrew Nyarko07-Chaminade College
0Luke Rosati07-Chaminade College
0Marc Rosati07-Chaminade College
0Enoch Ansah07-Chaminade College
0Justin Gillan22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Gillian Varga22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Lauren Moynihan22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Martin Makarski22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Tyrone Manual22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Daniel Tome22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Vianet Mongu22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Mary Steeele22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Macklin Kelly29-W. A. Porter - Scarborough
0Shiva Acharya29-W. A. Porter - Scarborough
0Lakshaan Chandrakumaran29-W. A. Porter - Scarborough
0Brandon Hoang29-W. A. Porter - Scarborough
0Sakib Khan29-W. A. Porter - Scarborough
0Kim Olyeras22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Mackenzie Edose17-Mother Teresa
0Jordan Jackson17-Mother Teresa
0Vera Maher27-St. Peter's - Barrie
0Cloe Murphy04-Bishop Strachan School
0Claire Guy04-Bishop Strachan School
0Freddie Pentland04-Bishop Strachan School
0Clare Molony04-Bishop Strachan School
0David Luburic03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Aleksa Groen in'twould03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Grace Johnston03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Lauren Pacitti03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Samantha Campione14-Loretto Abbey
0Delaney McLachlan20-Northern
0Rawley Loftus20-Northern
0Jensen Brehaut20-Northern
0Ella Melchior03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Riley Schlichting03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Saliba Tadros03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Jesse Zesseu03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Ethan Ratos03-Bishop Allen Academy
0Michael Salwonchuk26-St. Michael's College
0Dylan Amato-Gauci26-St. Michael's College
0Andrew Lee26-St. Michael's College
0Charlie O'Brien18-Neil McNeil
0Nic Collodo18-Neil McNeil
0Mack Hicks18-Neil McNeil
0Alexie Jay Valix18-Neil McNeil
0Damon Pizzuti18-Neil McNeil
0Joey O'Keefe18-Neil McNeil
0Patrick Kinchsular18-Neil McNeil
0Jacob Sunglao18-Neil McNeil
0Cian Cullen-Wadsworth18-Neil McNeil
0Jordan Persaud18-Neil McNeil
0Derek Persaud18-Neil McNeil
0Jeremy Hsu11-Francis Libermann
0Yousif Karomi11-Francis Libermann
0Romel Libermann11-Francis Libermann
0Trisha Rosales16-Mary Ward
0Will Guy08-Country Day School
0Gabe Gatkowski25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0William Malone25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Owen Morrison25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Aiden Ferris25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Matthew White25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Jakub Bartlewski25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Junior Palermo25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Kevin Tait25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Alice Shea25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Laura Maieron25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Jayden Hyde25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Aine Hussey25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Ruqayyah Hudson-Grant06-Central Technical
0Daniella Walters06-Central Technical
0Shayna Murica06-Central Technical
0Jemima Muntaba06-Central Technical
0Katlyn Brown25-St. James CHS - Guelph
0Hallie Winek06-Central Technical
0Ikem Ndu06-Central Technical
0Joshua Charles06-Central Technical
0Tyler Corbin06-Central Technical
0Terran DaCosta06-Central Technical
0Kirmoni Edwards06-Central Technical
0Shemar Walters06-Central Technical
0Rasheed Ricketts06-Central Technical
0Jourdan Francis06-Central Technical
0Aaron Collins06-Central Technical
0Mour Hudson-Grant06-Central Technical
0Shakiel Wilkinson06-Central Technical
0Almar Heath06-Central Technical
0Stefan Giczey06-Central Technical
0Christoff Bonaparte06-Central Technical
0Asia Hogan-Rochester06-Central Technical
0Iesha Brown06-Central Technical
0Viki George06-Central Technical
0Shani Stanberry06-Central Technical
0Eartha Mcintosh06-Central Technical
0Sam Fancy Lyle06-Central Technical
0Sheriah Drummond06-Central Technical
0Rashawn Cozry06-Central Technical
0Mohamid Singateh06-Central Technical
0Tommy Biskys06-Central Technical
0Tiandre Sullivan06-Central Technical
0Marlie Hammond06-Central Technical
0Elijah Sybbls26-St. Michael's College
0Amedeo Cunsolo26-St. Michael's College
0Shelley Guevarra15-Madonna
0Lauryn Rolle04-Bishop Strachan School
0Chailiese Wand22-Our Lady of Lourdes HS
0Swan Peters15-Madonna
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