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Overall Results by Team

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsRelay PointsTeam Total
1.Applewood Hts - Mississauga0000
2.Rick Hansen - Mississauga0000
3.Mayfield - Brampton0000
4.St. Roch - Brampton0000
5.Bramalea Secondary School0000
6.St. Joseph - Mississauga0000
7.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi0000
8.Westview Centennial-North York0000
9.Robert F. Hall - Caledon East0000
11.St. Edmund Campion0000
12.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga0000
13.St. Augustine - Brampton0000
14.Cardinal Ambrozic - Brampton0000
15.Lorne Park - Mississauga0000
16.Loyola CSS - Mississauga0000
17.Jeunes sans frontieres0000
18.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug0000
19.Castlebrooke SS - Brampton0000
20.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss0000
21.Heart Lake - Brampton0000
23.St. Paul - Mississauga0000
24.Philopateer Christian College0000
25.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton0000
26.St. Marguerite d'Youville-Bram0000
27.St. Michael - Bolton0000
28.Thomas L Kennedy - Mississauga0000
29.Central Peel - Brampton0000
30.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga0000
31.Cawthra Park - Mississauga0000
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