Junior Boys 400 Metre Run

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
JP Suddaby St. Andrew's College51.0050.6710
Geoff Standen Birchmount Park C INT51.328
Tyrone Harabans Jean Vanier S S56.0051.536
Chris Brens Brother Andre C H S55.0051.644
James Thompson Huron Heights S SNT53.022
Valbon Shabani Birchmount Park C I53.5053.101
Nat Innis Birchmount Park C I52.0053.45
Justin Basdeo St. Martin H S51.0053.80
Jared Jones Birchmount Park C I53.0054.28
Jeff Hicks Bear Creek SSNT54.56
Michel Morin Widdifield S S54.4055.02
marc fields Maple H S53.8055.32
Dan Mondoux Cardinal Carter S SNT55.63
Brian Hudson Paul Dwyer C H S55.9055.72
Sadikie Wright Pope John Paul I INT55.84
tyler mckelvey St. Theresa S SNT56.25
Matt Klowak Orangeville D S SNT56.83
Mike Marbie Alexander MacKenzie H S57.0057.05
Josimar Bodey Lester B. Pearson C INT57.23
Josh Stoner Anderson C & V I58.0057.38
Jamie Harling Lawrence Park C INT57.83
Mark Greco Sir Oliver Mowat C INT58.09
Andrew Way Paul Dwyer C H S1:02.0060.20
kevin kishundal Maple H S58.6060.48
Conrad Gold Orangeville D S SNT60.95
Gerald Said Brother Andre C H SNT1:01.03
Tristan Stansfield Cardinal Carter S SNT1:01.81
Chris Parker Orangeville D S SNT1:02.19
Nicos Pfeiffer Paul Dwyer C H S59.001:02.54
Rick Nicklasson Orangeville D S SNT1:02.93
Mike Young Robert F. Hall C S SNT1:03.51
Eric Daza Robert F. Hall C S SNT1:04.14
Will Clark Lawrence Park C INT1:07.30
Livinus Brown Westview Centennial S SNT1:12.01
Jason Lanzora Ste. Marie E S55.30DNS
Tope Olatunji Father Henry CarrNTDNS
Samuel Gawnsu Father Henry CarrNTDNS
Mat Duperrouzel Michael Power/St.Joseph's55.40DNS
Jordan Crowe Cardinal Carter S SNTDNS
Ian Todd Sir Oliver Mowat C INTDNS
Aiden Tranquada Sir Oliver Mowat C INTDNS
Oral Bradshaw Sir Oliver Mowat C INTDNS
Cody Nesbitt Birchmount Park C I55.00DNS
Robert Carayun Crescent School54.20DNS
Andrew Younes Cardinal Carter S SNTDNS
Allen Wattimena St. Joan of Arc C H SNTDNS
Mark Novella St. Joan of Arc C H SNTDNS
Matthew Antonini St. Joan of Arc C H SNTDNS
Chris Martin Innisdale S S57.00DNS
Keenan Geer Port Perry H S52.00DNS
Gunther Steiger Michael Power/St.Joseph's58.40DNS
Chris Bengito Michael Power/St.Joseph's52.80DNS
Anthony Douglas Alexander MacKenzie H SNTDNS
Jodie Wheatle Westview Centennial S SNTDNS
Christopher Samded Westview Centennial S SNTDNS
Damion Anderson R.S. McLaughlin C & V I1:08.00DNS
Rusul Hoassein Alexander MacKenzie H S57.00DNS
Jaspal Kalsi Alexander MacKenzie H S60.00DNS
James Barclay Innisdale S S1:03.00DNS
Nathan Fullerton Dunbarton H S55.00DNS
Drew Masterson St. Michael's College56.00DNS
John Valerio The York School59.00DNS
Matthew Asmen Miroux Langstaff S SNTDNS
Terry Butterworth Widdifield S S55.40DNS
lucas mcaneney Chippewa S S1:03.00DNS
A Filiatrault Algonquin E S57.00DNS
T.J. Foster Algonquin E S55.00DNS
A Denis Algonquin E S1:02.00DNS
Matt Snowden Sinclair S SNTDNS
Rory Young Markham D H S57.00DNS
Greg Jess Uxbridge S S56.50DNS
Chris MacFarlane St. Andrew's College56.00DNS
Gery Joackim Dunbarton H S1:05.00DNS
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