Senior Boys 400 Metre Run

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Kyle Smith Birchmount Park C I49.4048.9310
Paul Martin Pine Ridge S S50.0049.398
Jarek Elmersy Lester B. Pearson C INT51.016
Derrel Timothy Brother Andre C H SNT51.404
Michael Colbert Michael Power/St.Joseph's52.8052.322
Eric Patterson Widdifield S S53.2053.181
Steve Kristensen Alexander MacKenzie H S53.0053.44
Mike Walker Anderson C & V I56.0054.03
Matt Trevisan Cardinal Carter S SNT54.24
Jeff Crease Orangeville D S SNT54.54
Doug DeHetre Anderson C & V I57.0054.54
Mike Moffatt Orangeville D S SNT56.34
Fred Jean-Bart Msgr. de Charbonnel55.0056.56
Phil Wood Orangeville D S SNT57.11
Dave Porter Anderson C & V I57.0057.56
Eric Ashley Brother Andre C H SNT57.60
Joe Beverly Widdifield S S56.2058.89
Brendon Allman Sir Oliver Mowat C INT60.03
Jeff Glassford Orangeville D S SNT1:01.33
Brian Abbott Sir Oliver Mowat C INT1:11.61
Devin Brown Innisdale S S1:03.00DNS
A Hopkins Algonquin E S60.00DNS
Jim Chisholm Cardinal Carter S SNTDNS
Robert Aroca St. Basil The GreatNTDNS
Kevern Wyles Birchmount Park C I52.50DNS
Geoff Standen Birchmount Park C I52.50DNS
John Bertao Michael Power/St.Joseph's2:10.00DNS
Michael McNeil Sir Oliver Mowat C INTDNS
Jeffrey Loo Sir Oliver Mowat C INTDNS
Phil Harris Philip Pocock S S58.00DNS
tim letour St. Theresa S SNTDNS
Don Singh Brother Andre C H SNTDNS
Oliver Salman Dunbarton H S52.00DNS
Tristan Lingling Dunbarton H S49.90DNS
Kofi Boateng Westview Centennial S SNTDNS
Simmons Ted Woburn C INTDNS
Adam Greenwood Cardinal Carter S SNTDNS
Rob Hacko Uxbridge S S54.80DNS
tim richards Chippewa S S1:10.00DNS
David Richardson The York School57.00DNS
Kurt Lupson Dr. F. J. Donevan C INTDNS
Nick Dadson St. Andrew's College56.00DNS
Collin Collins St. Andrew's College54.00DNS
Rabeah Karram Brother Andre C H SNTDNS
Ritchie Harding Chaminade College50.00DNS
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