Midget Boys High Jump

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Brett Georgievski Unionville H SNH1.7010
Ade Kunie-Balogon Cardinal NewmanNH1.708
M.J. Borankovski Birchmount Park C INH1.656
Kevin DeForest Acton D H SNH1.603
Matthew Craig Country Day School1.631.603
Andre Fabian Pope John Paul I INH1.601
Paul Chavez Philip Pocock S SNHNH
Cory Neicke Dr. F. J. Donevan C INHNH
Jamie Glasgow Ascension of Our Lord S SNHNH
Anthony Richards Ascension of Our Lord S SNHNH
Alex Radin Lawrence Park C INHNH
Mark Makary Bayview S SNHNH
Yaro Pryslawsky Michael Power/St.Joseph'sNHNH
Patrick Plichta Philip Pocock S SNHNH
Sergei Fomine Philip Pocock S SNHNH
Kelvin Brown Thistletown C INHNH
Viktor Kathlins Orangeville D S SNHNH
Brent Miller Sir Oliver Mowat C INHNH
Shawn Codlin R.S. McLaughlin C & V INHNH
Jesse Gardner Widdifield S SNHNH
Alex Bilbily Holy Trinity H SNHNH
Roberto Ciccone Cardinal Carter S SNHNH
Joe Mondoux Cardinal Carter S SNHNH
Ryan Rozalowsky Cardinal Carter S SNHNH
Steve Strom Cardinal Carter S SNHNH
Leo Vitelli Cardinal Carter S SNHNH
Jonathan Brazanza Pope John Paul I INHNH
Katlin Banks Bowmanville H SNHNH
Alex Bilenduke Bowmanville H SNHNH
Matt Vande Hoef Holy Trinity H SNHNH
Matt Pierce Crescent SchoolNHNH
Scott MacDonald Crescent SchoolNHNH
Jonathon Butler Cardinal NewmanNHNH
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