Midget Girls 3000 Metre Run

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Kaitlyn OliverAurora H S10:19.4010:27.8010
Molly DyonToronto Waldorf School10:54.0010:46.808
Kayla DeighanSacred Heart C H S10:59.5010:50.406
Kristie LesageKing City S S11:05.0011:41.805
Leanne SandersUnionville H S11:10.0012:45.904
Emily FisherUnionville H S13:00.0012:55.503
Jessica BartleStouffville D S S12:30.0013:12.902
Tamsyn NealeBayview S S13:30.0014:12.901
Roxanne ChoiBayview S S14:00.0014:35.00
Stefanie ChesserSt. Theresa Lisieux14:30.0015:32.30
Tiffany` OlivieraOur Lady of the Lake13:00.00DNS
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