Senior Girls 200 Metre Dash

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalWindPoints
Christy Bray St. Theresa's High SchoolNT28.1510Photo
Allison Lainey Collingwood C I27.5028.518Photo
Nicole Miller St. Peter's S S26.8129.046Photo
Lauren Lafayette-Brooks Park Street C INT29.694Photo
Kaila Parton Eastview S S27.7029.762Photo
LAURA JACKSON St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNT30.521Photo
KATRINA RANSOM St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNT30.56Photo
Megan Ewing Banting Memorial H SNT30.59Photo
Michelle Stephenson Bear Creek S.S.NT30.63Photo
Whitney Brown Almaguin Highlands S SNT30.94Photo
Michelle Wilson Midland S SNT31.36Photo
anna parulski St. Thomas Aquinas S SNT31.58Photo
edyta kogut St. Thomas Aquinas S SNT31.66Photo
AMANDA CARTIGENESE St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNT31.85Photo
Carly Kreisz Patrick Fogarty S SNT32.17Photo
Natalia Hill West Ferris S SNT32.19Photo
Erika Sergeant Bear Creek S.S.NT32.32Photo
Katie Howson Eastview S S30.0032.32Photo
bronwyn russell-brooks Huntsville H S29.0032.98Photo
Emma Cowell Banting Memorial H SNT34.67Photo
Nicole Connor Holy TrinityNT36.24Photo
Kristen Armstrong West Ferris S SNT36.91Photo
Lisa Anderson St. Dominic C S SNT39.41Photo
ashley kelly St. Thomas Aquinas S SNTDNS
CAITLIN DUFFIN St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNTDNS
Shanice Fenton Innisdale S SNTDNS
tahne crozier Huntsville H S27.00DNS
Kelly McKenna Stayner Collegiate Institute42.00DNS
Sarah Harvey Eastview S S29.50DNS
Rosanne Brown St. Peter's S SNTDNS
Katrina Lawson Stayner Collegiate Institute29.50DNS
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