Senior Boys 1500 Metre Run

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Jay Morrill Collingwood C I4:10.004:21.9610Photo
Craig Herbert Innisdale S S4:15.004:26.188Photo
Steve Hunt Nantyr ShoresNT4:26.886Photo
Patrick Corrente St. Joseph-Scollard HallNT4:31.574Photo
Adam Hopkins St. Joseph-Scollard HallNT4:38.372Photo
Kevin Schoenwise Park Street C INT4:38.471Photo
Jason Wall St. Joseph-Scollard HallNT4:39.33Photo
Richard R Hall Chippewa S.S4:28.004:40.57Photo
David Gostick Penetanguishene S SNT4:42.15Photo
Mike VanderEyken Elmvale D H S05.004:46.87Photo
Mathew Biscaro Parry Sound H SNT4:49.19Photo
chris pearce Huntsville H S5:40.004:49.58Photo
Mike Rego Collingwood C I4:30.004:52.75Photo
Robert Jickells Midland S SNT4:52.98Photo
Rob Fendley Collingwood C I4:30.004:53.62Photo
Jesse Winters Almaguin Highlands S SNT4:54.20Photo
ADAM SMITH St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNT4:55.69Photo
Tim Charters Twin Lakes S SNT5:02.95Photo
Nick McLean Jean Vanier H SNT5:03.24Photo
Jody Moreau Elmvale D H SNT5:03.41Photo
neil mckenna St. Thomas Aquinas S S4:50.005:04.62Photo
Neil Isenegger West Ferris S SNT5:09.66Photo
Peter Lobsinger Twin Lakes S SNT5:10.37Photo
Adam Despres West Ferris S SNT5:18.02Photo
Sean Tackaberry Midland S SNT5:22.16Photo
Mitch Hull Elmvale D H S05.005:23.32Photo
Andrew Gowanlock Twin Lakes S SNT5:27.97Photo
Kevin Clark St. Dominic C S SNT5:28.35Photo
Derek Beirnes St. Joseph\'s H SNT5:36.50Photo
David Griese Innisdale S S5:10.005:37.57Photo
Brian Sexmith Park Street C INT5:37.81Photo
Steve Kooy Twin Lakes S SNT5:40.68Photo
REID LAIRD St. Joan of Arc High SchoolNTDNS
Scott Hatchey St. Peter's S SNTDNS
Alvero Cuella Eastview S S5:00.00DNS
Claude Ouemette Almaguin Highlands S SNTDNS
Rory R Currie Chippewa S.S4:42.00DNS
Andrew Woegerer Banting Memorial H SNTDNS
Doyle Anthony West Ferris S SNTDNS
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