Midget Girls Triple Jump

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Hannah Ehrhard Malvern C IND10.6210
laura resjardins St. Theresa S SND9.848
Yana Guitberg Bayview S SND9.356
Christne Joannou University of Toronto SchND9.264
Romontica Bartholomew Woburn C IND9.202
Samantha Murray Ascension of Our Lord S SND9.081
Karina Turgulova Bayview S SND8.78
Jaci Banton Cardinal Carter S SND8.76
Fiona Chan Unionville H SND8.60
Kerry McKenzie Philip Pocock S SND8.54
Christine Leung Unionville H SND8.27
Kelly Sinclair Country Day SchoolND8.10
laura venditti Aurora H SND8.10
Courtney Holmes Widdifield S SND7.08
Jeyda Elsasser Malvern C I8.50ND
Lisa Li Unionville H SNDND
Christine Reid Anderson C & V INDND
Joanna Patterson Holy Trinity H SNDND
Carly Boyden R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDND
Keira Brown Widdifield S SNDND
Samantha Cross Lester B. Pearson C INDND
Brittany King Lester B. Pearson C INDND
Katelyn Brock Bowmanville H SNDND
Lauren Gilhooly Bowmanville H SNDND
Amelia Marchese Cardinal Carter S SNDND
Laura Kucharchuk Cardinal Carter S SNDND
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