Junior Boys High Jump

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Massimo Bertocchi St. Joan of Arc C H SNH1.9510
Mike O'Toole Nantyr ShoresNH1.958
Matthew Powell Thistletown C INH1.756
Josh Stoner Anderson C & V INH1.704
Andrew Jesudasan Brebeuf CollegeNH1.652
Shawn Robertson Orangeville D S SNH1.650.50
Bryan Hillar Cardinal Carter S SNH1.650.50
Joey Hampton Ascension of Our Lord S SNH1.65
Sam Battaglia Cardinal Carter S SNH1.60
Peter Trytko Philip Pocock S SNH1.60
Matt McLean Thistletown C INH1.60
Jeremy Tremblay Widdifield S SNH1.60
Chris Martin Innisdale S SNH1.55
Giancarlo Newman Cardinal NewmanNH1.55
Bart Braun Bayview S SNH1.55
Adolphous Cox Lawrence Park C INH1.50
James Barclay Innisdale S SNH1.50
Dylan Zajac Widdifield S SNH1.50
William Dyetakin Woburn C INHNH
Rashad Bacchus Sinclair S SNHNH
Jonathon Butler Cardinal NewmanNHNH
Dominic Opong Cardinal NewmanNHNH
Drew Smith Bear Creek SS1.70DNS
Emmanuel Kansume Father Henry CarrNHDNS
Justin Arthur Sir Oliver Mowat C INHDNS
Aaron Walker Crescent SchoolNHDNS
Mike Bailey Cardinal Carter S SNHDNS
Mark Beaumont Sir Oliver Mowat C INHDNS
James Allison Holy Trinity H SNHDNS
Danny Bailey Bear Creek SS1.60DNS
Geoff Ball Holy Trinity H SNHDNS
Russell Paul Bayview S SNHDNS
Bert May Ascension of Our Lord S SNHDNS
AJ Mandani Ascension of Our Lord S S1.75DNS
W Collins Algonquin E SNHDNS
Jimmy Jones Birchmount Park C INHDNS
Matt Taylor Bowmanville H SNHDNS
Drew Moultray Cardinal Carter S SNHDNS
Derek Joslin Cardinal Carter S SNHDNS
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