Senior Boys Shot Put

Name Team/SchoolSeed TimeFinalPoints
Torname Oke St. Michael's CollegeND16.1310
Omokude Orifa St. Basil The GreatND14.858
skyler sylvester St. Theresa S SND14.546
Peter Ljubarovich St. Martin H SND12.824
Ryan Domsy St. Theresa S SND12.742
Stephen Burns Cardinal Carter S SND12.491
Myesh Williams Pope John Paul I IND12.40
Arthur Austin Pope John Paul I IND11.93
Richard Zulyb St. Michael's CollegeND10.88
Clifton Penney Dr. F. J. Donevan C IND10.47
Kevin Lacombe Cardinal NewmanND10.12
John Wiseman Alexander MacKenzie H SND9.76
Robert Fordnum St. Michael's CollegeND9.72
Dino Nituda Brebeuf CollegeND9.32
Arturo Chavez Archbishop Romero S SND8.92
Mich Chalodny St. Michael's CollegeND8.47
Mark Reynolds St. Michael's CollegeND7.73
Marc Jureidini Anderson C & V I11.006.90
Sheldon DaSilva Neil McNeil H SNDDNS
Kyle Vickers Country Day SchoolNDDNS
Sean De Melo St. Joan of Arc C H SNDDNS
John Webb Bear Creek SS11.00DNS
peter norman St. Theresa S SNDDNS
Chris Nova Philip Pocock S SNDDNS
Greg Maciaszczyk Philip Pocock S SNDDNS
Colin Blaney Philip Pocock S SNDDNS
Nick Caramanico Philip Pocock S SNDDNS
Michael Adamerston St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
Jeffrey Loo Sir Oliver Mowat C INDDNS
Michael McNeil Sir Oliver Mowat C INDDNS
Sheldon Joseph Neil McNeil H SNDDNS
Chris Noble Ascension of Our Lord S SNDDNS
Stefan Blyth St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
Andrew Patta St. Martin H SNDDNS
Basil Khalil St. Martin H SNDDNS
Adrian Gibbon St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
Stuart Menzies R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDDNS
Brian Bell R.S. McLaughlin C & V INDDNS
Dan Rossetti St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
Sam Nichols St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
Vladimir Maysekin St. Michael's CollegeNDDNS
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