Midget Male 400 Metre Dash

Final - Official
Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
A MalenicaMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)55.6854.06 10
M EluehikeFather Henry Carr - Rexdale (Toronto)53.8854.14 8
D NoelFather Henry Carr - Rexdale (Toronto)55.2454.41 6
L AcostaFather Henry Carr - Rexdale (Toronto)53.4555.41 5
J MendesFrancis Libermann- Scarborough (Scarborough)55.0056.39 4
E MayerSenator O'Connor - Toronto (Toronto)NT57.48 3
N AlvaresSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor (Scarborough)57.9157.73 2
W NewtonSt. Basil The Great - Weston (Weston)NT57.79 1
L PhilipMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)59.0058.74
A SuthakaranJean Vanier - Scarborough (Scarborough)NT58.88
H YarciaNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)59.5059.27
S GiansanteMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)59.9959.78
M IvecevicCardinal Carter Academy for th (Willowdale)NT59.87
A ParagasNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)59.4060.76
C NguyenFather Henry Carr - Rexdale (Toronto)1:02.241:01.35
R MendiolaMarshall McLuhan - Toronto (Toronto)1:03.451:01.61
E JonesToronto Prep School (Toronto)NT1:01.61
D FlorezaMary Ward - Scarborough (Scarborough)NT1:01.87
J Perera-SatgunemNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)60.011:01.93
M FerrariCardinal Newman - Scarborough (Scarborough)1:03.521:02.68
C AddesiNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)59.601:02.69
M Verzola-DuarteJean Vanier - Scarborough (Scarborough)NT1:02.77
S SivakumarFrancis Libermann- Scarborough (Scarborough)NT1:03.09
A AbrahamSt. Basil The Great - Weston (Weston)2:46:39.001:03.19
P VermaMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)1:09.001:03.80
O AyodejiCardinal Newman - Scarborough (Scarborough)57.291:04.04
J OrtizMary Ward - Scarborough (Scarborough)NT1:04.88
S AeliusFather Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NT1:10.87
S OdoricoBishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke (Etobicoke)NT1:11.20
M DwyerFather Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NT1:14.94
K ZielinskiCardinal Carter Academy for th (Willowdale)NT1:15.47
W WafoE.S.C. Saint-Frere-Andre (Toronto)1:01.32DNS
S NorJames Cardinal McGuigan (Downsview)NTDNS
M PidlubnyMary Ward - Scarborough (Scarborough)58.00DNS
T De FranceSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor (Scarborough)1:03.05DNS
G ZinovjevCardinal Newman - Scarborough (Scarborough)1:05.40DNS
K Blackwell-ThompsonSt. Mary's - Toronto (Toronto)NTDNS
J MakweneFrancis Libermann- Scarborough (Scarborough)NTDNS
M Piamonte-TalleyNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)58.78DNS
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