Senior Girls 100 Metre Dash

Name Team/SchoolSeedPrelimWind
Kesia BroomeUnionville H S12.7712.89Photo
Cshandrika HutsonSt. Augustine CHSNT13.08Photo
Hailey TonerSt. Augustine CHSNT13.29Photo
Yana GuitbergBayview S S11.5013.46Photo
Janelle AtkinsonAurora H SNT14.12Photo
Claire StirlingMarkham D H SNT14.20Photo
Mina MovasseliBayview S SNT14.36Photo
Lisa PoloWestmount C INT14.73Photo
Stephanie RiviereSt. Augustine CHS15.2614.79Photo
Lisa GianfancescoSt. Theresa Lisieux13.2514.80Photo
Emerald HeilandSt. Joan of Arc C H S15.2215.00Photo
Nicole WilkinsonBrother Andre C H SNT15.14Photo
Alexia SinghMiddlefield C INT15.43Photo
Corliss BeanMarkham D H SNT15.47Photo
Angie TseThornlea S SNT15.47Photo
Betty HuynhVaughan S S15.5315.51Photo
Jessica CheungBrother Andre C H SNT15.63Photo
Wence WongLangstaff S SNT15.66Photo
Fiona ChanUnionville H S15.7315.69Photo
Heather SheenThornlea S SNT15.80Photo
Jamie HoffeldtBrother Andre C H SNT15.81Photo
Margaret PaoUnionville H S16.5115.95Photo
Carolyn SheenThornlea S SNT16.03Photo
Danielle ChristianSt. Theresa LisieuxNT16.08Photo
Heather LillicoThornlea S SNT16.10Photo
Bernie ViscontiBrother Andre C H SNT16.20Photo
Chantal LafontaineSt. Augustine CHS16.8716.62Photo
Naomi SanelliCommunity Hebrew Academy-R.H.14.5017.11Photo
Navroop SinghVaughan S S17.66DNS
Anthea ChanThornlea S SNTDNS
Rebecca BarlowUnionville H S14.06DNS
Adria SteaSt. Joan of Arc C H SNTDNS
Ava BaccariSt. Joan of Arc C H S16.62DNS
Michelle KorteBrother Andre C H SNTDNS
Ana RadunovicThornhill S SNTDNS
Saleka HardingFather Michael McGivney C12.84DNS
Name Team/SchoolPrelimFinalWindPoints
Cshandrika HutsonSt. Augustine CHS13.0812.6110Photo
Kesia BroomeUnionville H S12.8912.648Photo
Hailey TonerSt. Augustine CHS13.2912.996Photo
Yana GuitbergBayview S S13.4613.224Photo
Claire StirlingMarkham D H S14.2013.892Photo
Janelle AtkinsonAurora H S14.1213.941Photo
Mina MovasseliBayview S S14.3614.06Photo
Lisa PoloWestmount C I14.7314.56Photo
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