Senior Boys 100 Metre Dash

Name Team/SchoolSeedPrelimWind
Jayden KellySt. Joan of Arc CHSNT11.02
Trae KellyInnisdale SSNT11.15
Isaiah WarnerSt. Joan of Arc CHSNT11.39
Jake WilsonNottawasaga Pines SSNT12.02
Matt BarnesInnisdale SSNT11.58
Nathan BrownSt. Peter's CSS12.1311.71
Mike O'GradySt. Joan of Arc CHSNT11.77
Riley BlakeBear Creek SSNT11.81
Spencer Hayes-LaverdiereÉSC Nouvelle AllianceNT11.84
Patrick BrunetÉSC Nouvelle Alliance12.8012.14
Fairchild TiriboyiInnisdale SSNT12.16
Johnny KennedyBanting Memorial HSNT12.33
Wesley RoseSt. Thomas Aquinas CSS11.9212.35
Peyton TisiUnity Christian HS12.9212.44
Mitch GodinInnisdale SSNT12.46
Syvat AnhelBradford District HSNT12.48
Patrick BascoSt. Thomas Aquinas CSS12.9212.48
Michael PerepelyciaBradford District HSNT12.55
Angelo BurgessSt. Peter's CSS12.7012.62
Frankie FotiSt. Thomas Aquinas CSS12.0112.64
Joey FurgiueleHoly Trinity HSNT12.83
Jacob BarrettBarrie Central CINT12.90
Trent KellyHoly Trinity HSNT12.93
Mika DuPreezUnity Christian HS13.4113.04
Zach ShallaSt. Peter's CSSNT13.09
Griffin MacVicarInnisdale SSNT13.67
Joseph GiancolaSt. Thomas Aquinas CSSNT15.65
Adam HouseSt. Thomas Aquinas CSS13.56DNS
Jacob BarrettBear Creek SSNTDNS
Brett PinardSt. Thomas Aquinas CSSNTDNS
Name Team/SchoolPrelimFinalWindPoints
Jayden KellySt. Joan of Arc CHS11.0210.8610
Trae KellyInnisdale SS11.1511.138
Isaiah WarnerSt. Joan of Arc CHS11.3911.286
Nathan BrownSt. Peter's CSS11.7111.624
Matt BarnesInnisdale SS11.5811.622
Mike O'GradySt. Joan of Arc CHS11.7711.741
Riley BlakeBear Creek SS11.8111.77
Jake WilsonNottawasaga Pines SS12.0211.82
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