Senior Male 1500 Metre Run

Final - Official
Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
J JudeMary Ward - Scarborough (Scarborough)3:55.004:07.43 10
E WossenMarshall McLuhan - Toronto (Toronto)4:06.954:07.91 8
A AlexanderNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)4:11.004:08.19 6
J DuffyMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)4:13.874:09.75 5
E DestaNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)4:15.004:13.51 4
A ChojeckiFather Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)4:20.004:23.80 3
S MarshallFather Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)4:24.004:24.03 2
N Gurrin-SmithNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)4:25.004:24.12 1
C CossidenteChaminade College - Toronto (Toronto)4:22.004:29.31
J DullaNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)4:32.004:32.07
P ThomlinsonNeil McNeil - Toronto (Toronto)4:31.004:34.75
I CaseyChaminade College - Toronto (Toronto)4:40.004:40.29
J BattistaChaminade College - Toronto (Toronto)4:30.004:40.32
D MachucaBishop Marrocco/Merton-Toronto (Toronto)NT4:40.85
R Osas-JoshuaChaminade College - Toronto (Toronto)4:28.004:41.26
N CarboneMichael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic (Etobicoke)4:50.084:41.42
K MalasBishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke (Etobicoke)4:35.404:42.91
N MacdonaldToronto Prep School (Toronto)4:55.004:44.39
A SarraciniChaminade College - Toronto (Toronto)4:45.004:45.77
C RostantMonsignor Percy Johnson (Etobicoke)NT4:56.53
J Al HaddadMgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda (Willowdale)4:54.004:57.26
S SamuelsSt. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor (Scarborough)4:55.475:00.16
I YeungBrebeuf - Willowdale (Willowdale)4:45.005:06.40
B CavalloSt. Basil The Great - Weston (Weston)5:09.005:08.54
M LavigneMgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda (Willowdale)4:58.005:09.40
M SeniorFather Redmond - Toronto (Etobicoke)NT5:18.85
J SonzaMary Ward - Scarborough (Scarborough)NT5:23.33
R LeanoSt. Mary's - Toronto (Toronto)NT5:47.78
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