1D AmoleBranksome Hall - Toronto
2M DixonBranksome Hall - Toronto
3J ElringtonBranksome Hall - Toronto
4A KetchumBranksome Hall - Toronto
5E KoBranksome Hall - Toronto
6S RobertsBranksome Hall - Toronto
7M SalmanBranksome Hall - Toronto
8C SissonsBranksome Hall - Toronto
9A StewertBranksome Hall - Toronto
10Z Van DamBranksome Hall - Toronto
11M AdeyemiFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
12E AghedoFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
13P AgyeiFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
14K AllenFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
15K AnyaoguFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
16J BaileyFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
17C CabezasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
18S ClarkeFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
19I CrearyFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
20D EnoFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
21E EzekwuFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
22J FaceyFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
23B JohnsonFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
24A KomehFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
25B NosakhareFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
26B ObengFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
27K OyaperoFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
28S TurnerFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
29F UgbogboFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
30P AigyevbekpenFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
31P AppauFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
32B CarranzaFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
33E CooperFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
34A DawkinsFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
35R FestusFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
36J GrantFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
37J GuerraFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
38D Henry-EbanksFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
39E IroriterayeFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
40A JimohFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
41J JohnsonFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
42J Martin-PendleyFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
43S Mitchell-DouglasFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
44D OdunlamiFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
45M OreagbaFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
46S PrempinFather Henry Carr - Rexdale
47G BernardiniHavergal College - Toronto
48L ChengHavergal College - Toronto
49E ChisholmHavergal College - Toronto
50D CopelandHavergal College - Toronto
51M CunninghamHavergal College - Toronto
52P FergusonHavergal College - Toronto
53M FuHavergal College - Toronto
54R GrantHavergal College - Toronto
55L GuHavergal College - Toronto
56A KoletHavergal College - Toronto
57K LeungHavergal College - Toronto
58V LuHavergal College - Toronto
59M MeiHavergal College - Toronto
60M MelbourneHavergal College - Toronto
61T NeldnerHavergal College - Toronto
62H NishiwakiHavergal College - Toronto
63M OsibajoHavergal College - Toronto
64A PanosHavergal College - Toronto
65T ProleHavergal College - Toronto
66C RongHavergal College - Toronto
67G Schulte-HosteddeHavergal College - Toronto
68E SuHavergal College - Toronto
69J TaoHavergal College - Toronto
70V TassoneHavergal College - Toronto
71A WuHavergal College - Toronto
72A YuHavergal College - Toronto
73H AbbadiJohn Polanyi CI-North York
74A Ansare-ClarkeJohn Polanyi CI-North York
75C Costa TiagoJohn Polanyi CI-North York
76N OtuogbodorJohn Polanyi CI-North York
77I ShawJohn Polanyi CI-North York
78M VoJohn Polanyi CI-North York
79T WillaimsJohn Polanyi CI-North York
80K ZabitskyJohn Polanyi CI-North York
81L BestJohn Polanyi CI-North York
82G BobrakovJohn Polanyi CI-North York
83I CorpuzJohn Polanyi CI-North York
84R DarawshaJohn Polanyi CI-North York
85K Del MundoJohn Polanyi CI-North York
86J DicksonJohn Polanyi CI-North York
87R JeyarajahJohn Polanyi CI-North York
88J JonesJohn Polanyi CI-North York
89V PathmalogihiJohn Polanyi CI-North York
90J Pottinger-CooperJohn Polanyi CI-North York
91M SayreJohn Polanyi CI-North York
92A StobyJohn Polanyi CI-North York
93R Suarez-SolerJohn Polanyi CI-North York
94J TolentinoJohn Polanyi CI-North York
95E Videla ToledoJohn Polanyi CI-North York
96Z ZabitskyJohn Polanyi CI-North York
97K AndersonMalvern - Toronto
98E BensonMalvern - Toronto
99T BirdMalvern - Toronto
100I BullockMalvern - Toronto
101A BurnettMalvern - Toronto
102N BurrowsMalvern - Toronto
103T CarpenterMalvern - Toronto
104B CasagrandeMalvern - Toronto
105L ChaiMalvern - Toronto
106R GeorgeMalvern - Toronto
107L HolmesMalvern - Toronto
108G IrwinMalvern - Toronto
109L KinnardMalvern - Toronto
110N KulkarniMalvern - Toronto
111A LumbardMalvern - Toronto
112E MalloyMalvern - Toronto
113S McDonaldMalvern - Toronto
114A OLearyMalvern - Toronto
115A PakMalvern - Toronto
116A PakMalvern - Toronto
117T RoseMalvern - Toronto
118L StockMalvern - Toronto
119J VachonMalvern - Toronto
120C WatsonMalvern - Toronto
121B WebbMalvern - Toronto
122S WuMalvern - Toronto
123A AdamsonMalvern - Toronto
124C BiswasMalvern - Toronto
125H Burril-MullerMalvern - Toronto
126J CrimpMalvern - Toronto
127V EdwardsMalvern - Toronto
128G GrennanMalvern - Toronto
129A ImahoriMalvern - Toronto
130E LeeMalvern - Toronto
131C MannMalvern - Toronto
132J McQuadeMalvern - Toronto
133A RamasraMalvern - Toronto
134R VrbanicMalvern - Toronto
135E GetenetMary Ward - Scarborough
136R KirupakaranMary Ward - Scarborough
137A TofalusiMary Ward - Scarborough
138S TsolakidisMary Ward - Scarborough
139A YangMary Ward - Scarborough
140D AgajonaMary Ward - Scarborough
141J ChenMary Ward - Scarborough
142J CoquiaMary Ward - Scarborough
143R Dela VegaMary Ward - Scarborough
144J FagaraganMary Ward - Scarborough
145A FengMary Ward - Scarborough
146A FuMary Ward - Scarborough
147D HandMary Ward - Scarborough
148M LeritMary Ward - Scarborough
149B LiaoMary Ward - Scarborough
150M LinMary Ward - Scarborough
151R LofrancoMary Ward - Scarborough
152R NaranjanMary Ward - Scarborough
153B OquindoMary Ward - Scarborough
154J PatzeltMary Ward - Scarborough
155O RambaudMary Ward - Scarborough
156E ScottMary Ward - Scarborough
157J SidneyMary Ward - Scarborough
158A BalmMonarch Park - Toronto
159D DragoulevaMonarch Park - Toronto
160J FerryMonarch Park - Toronto
161T GermanMonarch Park - Toronto
162A GibbsMonarch Park - Toronto
163S HallinanMonarch Park - Toronto
164L JordanMonarch Park - Toronto
165T O'SheaMonarch Park - Toronto
166F SheikhMonarch Park - Toronto
167A Yacoubi-SliusMonarch Park - Toronto
168J BrierleyMonarch Park - Toronto
169R CamatoMonarch Park - Toronto
170J KauriMonarch Park - Toronto
171J KimMonarch Park - Toronto
172S SheikhMonarch Park - Toronto
173S ShinwariMonarch Park - Toronto
174Z ChaudhryUniversity of Toronto Schools
175M CowlingUniversity of Toronto Schools
176J HastingsUniversity of Toronto Schools
177J Bauer-KongUniversity of Toronto Schools
178W ChiuUniversity of Toronto Schools
179L CraiuUniversity of Toronto Schools
180N EmmeneggerUniversity of Toronto Schools
181A GrocottUniversity of Toronto Schools
182M GuUniversity of Toronto Schools
183A KaranicolasUniversity of Toronto Schools
184L L'ahelecUniversity of Toronto Schools
185C LaiUniversity of Toronto Schools
186E LiUniversity of Toronto Schools
187J LiuUniversity of Toronto Schools
188E MandelbaumUniversity of Toronto Schools
189S MasonUniversity of Toronto Schools
190A RamanUniversity of Toronto Schools
191U RoyUniversity of Toronto Schools
192B UlickiUniversity of Toronto Schools
193D YangUniversity of Toronto Schools
194N YangUniversity of Toronto Schools
195B BylaardUpper Canada College - Toronto
196J FeldbergUpper Canada College - Toronto
197C GuilfoyleUpper Canada College - Toronto
198A JanczewskiUpper Canada College - Toronto
199R MarhamatUpper Canada College - Toronto
200D McDonaldUpper Canada College - Toronto
201J O'ReillyUpper Canada College - Toronto
202T RussellUpper Canada College - Toronto
203O TabackUpper Canada College - Toronto
204E EstevezUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
205V ShaoUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
206A FinlayUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
207E HodgesUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
208A KaniaUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
209B Keary-MatznerUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
210R KingUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
211J LambUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
212T LhundupUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
213M MalikUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
214M ManochaUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
215S PowellUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
216A ScottUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
217T StinsonUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
218I TepperUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
219N WallaceUrsula Franklin Acad - Toronto
220Z AhmedWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
221A BurkeWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
222I HalimWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
223A OjoWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
224B OsinaWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
225M Owen-HarrisWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
226N PriodorshiniWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
227A BarmakWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
228C DaconWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
229J EdwardsWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
230W FarhanWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
231A GillWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
232S KhanWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
233N Mercer-CourtWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
234J ReidWilfrid Laurier- Scarborough
235A BolaJohn Polanyi CI-North York
236D AmpaduMartingrove CI
237D BarnettMartingrove CI
238R BonadieMartingrove CI
239K IacobucciMartingrove CI
240B KarmakerMartingrove CI
241E KeaneMartingrove CI
242V MantzuisMartingrove CI
243G NestorMartingrove CI
244A NguyenMartingrove CI
245M PlantingaMartingrove CI
246Z SurajadeenMartingrove CI
247B AkintonujaMartingrove CI
248K AmpaduMartingrove CI
249C BalawenMartingrove CI
250C BoodooMartingrove CI
251G CheemaMartingrove CI
252J DeogradesMartingrove CI
253K FearonMartingrove CI
254D HerrarteMartingrove CI
255M HuttonMartingrove CI
256R LiuMartingrove CI
257K McleggonMartingrove CI
258N MehtaMartingrove CI
259T MehtaMartingrove CI
260R PannuMartingrove CI
261A StengerMartingrove CI
262O TuckerMartingrove CI
263R TuckerMartingrove CI
264N WitterMartingrove CI
265E ZengMartingrove CI
266A Zirnia]sMartingrove CI
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