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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Edmund Campion343468
2.Leaside - Toronto332962
3.Earl Haig - North York224062
4.Humberside - Toronto422062
5.Malvern - Toronto223052
6.Bishop Strachan School50050
7.Central Technical - Toronto291847
8.R.H. King Academy221840
9.North Albion - Rexdale28028
10.John Polanyi CI-North York02626
11.Senator O'Connor - Toronto151126
12.Monarch Park - Toronto18.5725.5
13.Northern - Toronto16925
14.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough02424
15.Cedarbrae - Scarborough02020
16.L'Amoreaux - Agincourt16319
17.Sir John A Macdonald - Agincou18018
18.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga21517
19.York Mills - North York01616
20.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga11516
21.St. Joseph's College - Toronto15015
22.Holy Cross - Woodbridge14014
23.Bloor - Toronto11213
24.Northview Heights - North York01111
25.Jarvis - Toronto01010
26.C. W. Jefferys - North York099
27.W. A. Porter - Scarborough099
28.Brampton Centennial - Brampton3.558.5
29.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga088
30.Riverdale - Toronto606
31.Lawrence Park - Toronto404
32.Toronto Ouest044
33.West Hill Collegiate Institute224
34.Don Mills - North York303
35.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor022
36.Greenwood College101
37.Archbishop Romero - Toronto000
39.Msr de Charbonnel - Willowdale000
40.Emery - North York000
41.Father John Redmond - Toronto000
42.Royal St. George's College000
43.Jean Vanier - Scarborough000
44.Weston - Weston000
45.St. Basil The Great College000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Father John Redmond - Toronto662187
2.Leaside - Toronto493685
3.Brampton Centennial - Brampton166581
4.St. Edmund Campion253964
5.Earl Haig - North York202949
6.R.H. King Academy311546
7.Northern - Toronto311142
8.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough202242
9.Northview Heights - North York241741
10.Don Mills - North York53338
11.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga27734
12.Monarch Park - Toronto25126
13.L'Amoreaux - Agincourt71724
14.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga91423
15.Lawrence Park - Toronto81321
16.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga81220
17.Emery - North York01919
18.Humberside - Toronto18018
19.Cedarbrae - Scarborough8513
20.York Mills - North York8311
22.Upper Canada College - Toronto01010
23.Central Technical - Toronto01010
24.Bloor - Toronto279
25.W. A. Porter - Scarborough088
26.Toronto French School- Toronto808
27.Royal St. George's College088
28.St. Joseph's College - Toronto707
29.Bishop Strachan School606
30.Toronto Ouest066
31.Riverdale - Toronto303
32.C. W. Jefferys - North York213
33.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton022
34.Senator O'Connor - Toronto101
35.Sir John A Macdonald - Agincou101
36.Msr de Charbonnel - Willowdale000
37.North Albion - Rexdale000
38.Jarvis - Toronto000
39.West Hill Collegiate Institute000
40.Greenwood College000
41.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor000
42.John Polanyi CI-North York000
43.Weston - Weston000
44.Holy Cross - Woodbridge000
45.Jean Vanier - Scarborough000
46.Malvern - Toronto000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Leaside - Toronto8924113
2.Brampton Centennial - Brampton57.52784.5
3.St. Edmund Campion265379
4.Lawrence Park - Toronto303464
5.Central Technical - Toronto134356
6.R.H. King Academy173047
7.West Hill Collegiate Institute1531.546.5
8.Earl Haig - North York181129
9.Northern - Toronto28028
10.Riverdale - Toronto91827
11.Malvern - Toronto20222
12.Humberside - Toronto20222
13.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga16521
14.Bloor - Toronto41620
15.W. A. Porter - Scarborough01919
16.St. Joseph's College - Toronto18018
17.Royal St. George's College01717
18.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton10616
19.North Albion - Rexdale01616
20.York Mills - North York01515
21.Holy Cross - Woodbridge3912
22.Jean Vanier - Scarborough01212
23.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor5712
24.Archbishop Romero - Toronto10.5010.5
25.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga6410
26.Father John Redmond - Toronto099
27.John Polanyi CI-North York459
28.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga088
29.Greenwood College808
30.Monarch Park - Toronto06.56.5
31.Upper Canada College - Toronto066
32.Etobicoke Collegiate044
33.St. Clement's School404
34.ESC. Saint-Fr?re-Andr?404
35.Northview Heights - North York404
36.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough404
37.Sir John A Macdonald - Agincou303
38.Don Mills - North York022
39.Bishop Strachan School101
40.Cedarbrae - Scarborough011
41.Weston - Weston000
42.Thornlea - Thornhill000
43.Msr de Charbonnel - Willowdale000
44.Senator O'Connor - Toronto000
45.Toronto French School- Toronto000
46.L'Amoreaux - Agincourt000
47.Emery - North York000
48.C. W. Jefferys - North York000
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