Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bayview Glen - Don Mills6872140
2.Upper Canada College - Toronto0124124
3.St. Anne's School - Aurora1150115
4.St. Michael`s College -Toronto0107107
5.Country Day School - King City4162103
7.Bishop Strachan - Toronto81081
8.Havergal College - Toronto53053
9.TMS School - Richmond Hill172744
10.Branksome Hall - Toronto38038
11.Toronto French School -Toronto171532
12.Villanova College - King City03030
13.De La Salle College - Toronto131528
14.Crescent School - Willowdale02626
15.Trinity College - Port Hope151025
16.Albert College - Belleville21021
17.Crestwood College - Toronto01919
18.Royal St. George`s - Toronto01616
19.The York School - Toronto6915
20.St. Andrew's College - Aurora01414
21.Ridley College7512
22.Pickering College - Newmarket369
23.St. John`s Kilmarnock -Breslau099
24.Appleby College - Oakville077
25.Hawthorn - North York606
26.Holy Trinity School606
27.St. Clement`s School - Toronto404
28.Holy Name of Mary -Mississauga000
29.Greenwood College - Toronto000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Michael`s College -Toronto0165165
2.Upper Canada College - Toronto093.593.5
3.Bishop Strachan - Toronto86086
4.Villanova College - King City582482
6.St. Clement`s School - Toronto74074
7.De La Salle College - Toronto472774
8.Havergal College - Toronto71071
9.Crescent School - Willowdale05454
10.Trinity College - Port Hope371148
11.TMS School - Richmond Hill222648
12.St. John`s Kilmarnock -Breslau202141
13.Bayview Glen - Don Mills221739
14.Branksome Hall - Toronto36036
15.Albert College - Belleville201434
16.Holy Trinity School181432
17.Crestwood College - Toronto02424
18.Toronto French School -Toronto02020
19.Pickering College - Newmarket18018
20.Appleby College - Oakville01515
21.Lakefield College School01313
22.St. Andrew's College - Aurora01010
23.Ridley College000
24.Royal St. George`s - Toronto000
25.The York School - Toronto000
26.Hawthorn - North York000
27.Holy Name of Mary -Mississauga000
28.Country Day School - King City000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Andrew's College - Aurora0123123
2.St. Michael`s College -Toronto0116116
3.Bishop Strachan - Toronto96096
4.Upper Canada College - Toronto08787
5.Villanova College - King City532275
6.Trinity College - Port Hope164056
8.Appleby College - Oakville322052
9.Crescent School - Willowdale05050
10.St. Clement`s School - Toronto50050
11.Toronto French School -Toronto202646
12.Country Day School - King City36945
13.Pickering College - Newmarket36541
14.St. John`s Kilmarnock -Breslau241640
15.Greenwood College - Toronto37239
16.Bayview Glen - Don Mills142539
17.De La Salle College - Toronto221638
18.Ridley College182038
19.Albert College - Belleville27532
20.Havergal College - Toronto28028
21.Royal St. George`s - Toronto01515
22.Crestwood College - Toronto01313
23.Branksome Hall - Toronto10010
24.Lakefield College School022
25.The York School - Toronto000
26.Holy Name of Mary -Mississauga000
27.Holy Trinity School000
28.Hawthorn - North York000
29.TMS School - Richmond Hill000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Clement`s School - Toronto24024
2.St. Michael`s College -Toronto02323
3.Upper Canada College - Toronto02121
4.Havergal College - Toronto14014
5.Trinity College - Port Hope31013
6.De La Salle College - Toronto12012
7.Crescent School - Willowdale01111
8.Bayview Glen - Don Mills808
9.St. Andrew's College - Aurora088
10.Bishop Strachan - Toronto505
11.St. Anne's School - Aurora404
12.Greenwood College - Toronto404
13.Albert College - Belleville033
14.Appleby College - Oakville123
15.Toronto French School -Toronto202
16.St. John`s Kilmarnock -Breslau000
17.Royal St. George`s - Toronto000
19.Ridley College000
20.Branksome Hall - Toronto000
21.Villanova College - King City000
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