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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Michael Power/St.Joseph's8952141
2.Father Redmond C S S 975102
3.Bishop Allen Academy5050100
4.Marshall McLuhan C S S59398
5.Brebeuf College08282
6.Father Henry Carr264874
7.Cardinal Newman 67471
8.Chaminade College06666
9.Mother Teresa S S04747
10.St. Joseph's College44044
11.Neil McNeil H S04242
12.Francis Libermann161733
13.Pope John Paul I I122133
14.Mary Ward C S S201030
15.St. Patrick S S23225
16.Loretto Abbey23023
17.Dante Alighiere Academy01919
18.Jean Vanier S S9615
19.Loretto College12012
20.Notre Dame10010
22.Senator O'Connor College099
23.Cardinal James McGuigan437
24.St. Joseph Morrow Park202
25.Madonna H S000
26.Community Hebrew Academy 000
27.Don Bosco H S000
28.Mgsr. Percy Johnson000
29.St. Basil The Great000
30.Msgr. de Charbonnel 000
31.Bishop F. Marrocco/Merton000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Michael Power/St.Joseph's102110212
2.Chaminade College0161161
3.Bishop Allen Academy11212124
4.Brebeuf College06868
5.Father Redmond C S S 402666
6.Cardinal James McGuigan84957
7.Father Henry Carr302050
8.Francis Libermann45449
9.Mary Ward C S S171835
10.Cardinal Newman 28533
11.Mother Teresa S S121931
12.St. Joseph Morrow Park29029
13.Loretto College22.5022.5
14.Loretto Abbey21.5021.5
15.Mgsr. Percy Johnson02121
16.Community Hebrew Academy 01818
17.Neil McNeil H S01616
18.Notre Dame16016
19.St. Joseph's College15015
20.Jean Vanier S S6814
21.Don Bosco H S088
22.Dante Alighiere Academy606
23.Msgr. de Charbonnel 066
24.St. Basil The Great325
25.Pope John Paul I I011
26.Bishop F. Marrocco/Merton101
27.St. Mary's S S011
28.Senator O'Connor College000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Father Redmond C S S 8858146
2.Brebeuf College0112112
3.Father Henry Carr5249101
4.Bishop Allen Academy643296
5.Chaminade College08686
6.Michael Power/St.Joseph's393372
7.St. Patrick S S76168
8.Mother Teresa S S361955
9.Francis Libermann331750
10.Loretto Abbey45045
11.St. Joseph's College35035
12.Mary Ward C S S191433
13.St. Basil The Great91524
14.Notre Dame24024
15.Don Bosco H S20020
16.Cardinal Newman 61117
17.Neil McNeil H S01717
18.Jean Vanier S S61117
19.Pope John Paul I I41014
20.St. Joseph Morrow Park14014
21.Mgsr. Percy Johnson8412
22.Cardinal James McGuigan01212
23.Community Hebrew Academy 527
24.Marshall McLuhan C S S606
25.St. Mary's S S055
27.Senator O'Connor College202
28.Bishop F. Marrocco/Merton022
29.Msgr. de Charbonnel 011
30.Madonna H S000
31.Dante Alighiere Academy000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Father Redmond C S S 24630
2.Father Henry Carr101121
3.Michael Power/St.Joseph's8917
4.Neil McNeil H S01515
5.Chaminade College01414
6.Notre Dame12012
7.St. Patrick S S01010
8.Brebeuf College01010
9.Francis Libermann707
10.Marshall McLuhan C S S606
11.Mary Ward C S S505
12.Loretto Abbey303
13.Cardinal Newman 022
15.Jean Vanier S S011
16.St. Mary's S S000
17.St. Basil The Great000
18.Bishop Allen Academy000
19.Cardinal James McGuigan000
20.Dante Alighiere Academy000
21.Community Hebrew Academy 000
22.St. Joseph Morrow Park000
23.St. Joseph's College000
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