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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bear Creek SS76103179
2.Innisdale SS7695171
3.St. Peter's CSS573794
4.Banting Memorial HS443983
5.St. Thomas Aquinas CSS493382
6.Unity Christian HS284876
7.Nantyr Shores SS451459
8.Holy Trinity HS322456
9.St. Joan of Arc CHS112031
11.Nottawasaga Pines SS112
12.Barrie Central CI101
13.Bradford District HS000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Innisdale SS100117.5217.5
2.Holy Trinity HS5952111
3.Bear Creek SS493382
4.Banting Memorial HS42.53274.5
5.Nantyr Shores SS16.53551.5
6.St. Peter's CSS17.53350.5
7.St. Joan of Arc CHS435.548.5
8.Barrie Central CI321244
9.St. Thomas Aquinas CSS311344
10.Unity Christian HS04242
12.Bradford District HS3.52730.5
13.Nottawasaga Pines SS18018
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Innisdale SS6358121
2.St. Joan of Arc CHS8534119
3.Bear Creek SS4758105
4.St. Peter's CSS3763100
5.Holy Trinity HS276289
6.Nantyr Shores SS284775
7.Bradford District HS452368
8.Nottawasaga Pines SS84250
9.Unity Christian HS212041
10.St. Thomas Aquinas CSS291039
11.Banting Memorial HS23730
12.Barrie Central CI201030
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Barrie Central CI01010
2.Nantyr Shores SS01010
3.Bear Creek SS10010
4.Bradford District HS819
5.Innisdale SS606
6.Unity Christian HS066
7.St. Peter's CSS044
8.St. Joan of Arc CHS404
10.Banting Memorial HS000
11.St. Thomas Aquinas CSS000
12.Holy Trinity HS000
Intellectually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Joan of Arc CHS10010
2.Barrie Central CI000
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