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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Thousand Islands - Brockville235881
2.Sacred Heart - Newmarket153853
3.Loretto Abbey - Toronto48048
4.St. Joseph - Mississauga40545
5.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale291544
6.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora36.5743.5
7.Birchmount Park - Scarborough102737
8.Chaminade College - Toronto03232
9.St. Roch - Brampton171431
10.Neil McNeil - Toronto02727
11.St. Michael's College- Toronto02424
12.St. Edmund Campion131023
13.Mary Ward - Scarborough51419
14.Mother Teresa - Scarborough10010
15.Wexford CSA- Scarborough044
16.Holy Name of Mary College Scho3.503.5
17.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto101
18.Brebeuf - Willowdale011
19.Monsignor Percy Johnson000
20.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
21.Albert Campbell - Agincourt000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Edmund Campion272754
2.Thousand Islands - Brockville191635
3.St. Michael's College- Toronto02424
4.Lawrence Park - Toronto02323
5.Chaminade College - Toronto02222
6.St. Roch - Brampton22022
7.Birchmount Park - Scarborough22022
8.St. Joseph's Barrie02020
9.Mary Ward - Scarborough16420
10.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale31417
11.Uxbridge S S61016
13.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke14014
15.Loretto Abbey - Toronto14014
16.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto9413
17.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora6713
18.Sacred Heart - Newmarket11112
19.Mother Teresa - Scarborough12012
20.Albert Campbell - Agincourt606
21.Chinguacousy - Brampton066
22.R.S. McLaughlin - Oshawa505
23.Thorold - Thorold055
24.Holy Name of Mary College Scho303
25.Monsignor Percy Johnson033
26.Innisdale - Barrie033
27.Iona Catholic - Mississauga303
28.Madonna - Downsview101
29.Neil McNeil - Toronto000
30.St. Joseph - Mississauga000
31.Wexford CSA- Scarborough000
32.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale362662
2.Sacred Heart - Newmarket282250
3.Loretto Abbey - Toronto26026
4.St. Edmund Campion18321
5.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora71219
6.St. Roch - Brampton016.516.5
7.Birchmount Park - Scarborough105.515.5
8.Bear Creek S.S.01111
9.St. Augustine - Brampton01010
10.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke8210
11.Eastview - Barrie088
12.Thousand Islands - Brockville358
13.Chaminade College - Toronto088
14.Brebeuf - Willowdale077
15.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto077
16.Courtice - Courtice707
17.Innisdale - Barrie066
18.Paul Dwyer - Oshawa505
19.St. Michael's College- Toronto044
20.R.S. McLaughlin - Oshawa303
21.Mary Ward - Scarborough202
22.Holy Name of Mary College Scho202
23.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
24.Neil McNeil - Toronto000
25.St. Joseph - Mississauga000
26.Mother Teresa - Scarborough000
27.Madonna - Downsview000
28.Wexford CSA- Scarborough000
29.Iona Catholic - Mississauga000
30.Thorold - Thorold000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Edmund Campion34.53973.5
2.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora4919.568.5
3.Innisdale - Barrie201636
4.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke211132
5.Thousand Islands - Brockville32629
6.Chaminade College - Toronto02525
7.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto101424
8.Lawrence Park - Toronto51419
9.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale17017
10.Loretto Abbey - Toronto15015
11.Sacred Heart - Newmarket10.5313.5
12.Iona Catholic - Mississauga5712
13.Bear Creek S.S.01010
14.Uxbridge S S819
15.Neil McNeil - Toronto099
16.St. Augustine - Brampton808
17.Birchmount Park - Scarborough448
18.Bayridge SS088
19.Mother Teresa - Scarborough347
20.Northern - Toronto606
21.Sydenham DHS066
22.Mary Ward - Scarborough23.55.5
23.Clarkson SS044
24.Thorold - Thorold044
25.Albert Campbell - Agincourt033
26.St. Roch - Brampton202
27.Eastview - Barrie101
28.St. Joseph - Mississauga000
29.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
30.Holy Name of Mary College Scho000
31.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
32.St. Michael's College- Toronto000
33.Wexford CSA- Scarborough000
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