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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Neil McNeil - Toronto07575
2.Lawrence Park - Toronto234063
3.Birchmount Park - Scarborough84452
4.Country Day School - King City173148
5.Windfields Jr. - North York341145
6.St. Michael's College- Toronto04444
7.Loretto Abbey - Toronto40040
8.Upper Canada College - Toronto03939
9.Francis Libermann- Scarborough39039
10.Chaminade College - Toronto03737
11.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto24933
12.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale141933
13.Senator O'Connor - Toronto211031
14.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke161430
16.Leaside - Toronto20828
17.Agincourt - Agincourt161026
18.Richview - Islington13.51124.5
19.West Hill - West Hill131124
20.North Toronto - Toronto23023
21.W. A. Porter - Scarborough02020
22.Monarch Park - Toronto19120
23.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic61319
24.Bayview Glen - Don Mills18.5018.5
25.Newtonbrook - North York18018
26.Mother Teresa - Scarborough16016
27.Appleby College - Oakville16016
28.Crescent School - Willowdale01616
29.St. Andrew's College - Aurora01616
30.De La Salle College - Toronto6915
31.Malvern - Toronto6814
32.North Albion - Rexdale14014
33.Greenwood College13013
34.Northern - Toronto11213
35.East York - Toronto8513
36.Victoria Park Collegiate Insti7512
37.Villanova College11011
38.St. Andrew's Jr. - North York01010
39.Cedarbrae - Scarborough4610
40.Vaughan Road Academy01010
41.St. Clement's School10010
42.Notre Dame - Toronto909
43.Father Redmond - Toronto178
44.Havergal College - Toronto808
45.Dr.Norman Bethune - Agincourt808
46.Brebeuf - Willowdale088
47.Thistletown - Rexdale808
48.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough707
49.Harbord - Toronto707
50.Downsview - North York077
51.W.L. MacKenzie - North York707
52.Madonna - Downsview606
53.John Polanyi CI-North York606
54.Toronto French School- Toronto505
55.Ursula Franklin Acad - Toronto055
56.Wexford CSA- Scarborough055
57.Central Toronto Academy505
58.Earl Haig - North York235
59.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro044
60.Mary Ward - Scarborough044
61.West Humber - Rexdale044
62.Lakeshore - Toronto044
63.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto404
64.Sir John MacDonald - Agincourt303
65.Etobicoke - Islington033
66.Loretto College303
67.Forest Hill - Toronto303
68.Albert Campbell - Agincourt033
69.Humberside - Toronto033
70.Ridley College202
71.The York School - Toronto202
72.Crestwood College - Toronto202
73.Bishop Strachan School202
74.Riverdale - Toronto202
75.Danforth - Toronto011
76.Royal St. George's College000
77.St. John's Kilmarnock000
78.Trinity College - Port Hope000
79.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor000
80.TMS School000
81.York Memorial - Toronto000
82.Central Technical - Toronto000
83.Lester B. Pearson- Scarborough000
84.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
85.Monsignor Percy Johnson000
86.Bishop Marrocco/Merton-Toronto000
87.Mgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda000
88.Westview Centennial-North York000
89.R.H. King Acad - Scarborough000
90.Woburn - Scarborough000
91.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough000
92.Don Mills - North York000
93.Rosedale heights school of the000
94.A. Y. Jackson - North York000
95.L'Amoreaux C I000
96.George S. Henry000
97.St. Basil The Great - Weston000
98.Bendale - Scarborough000
99.Martingrove - Islington000
100.Bloor - Toronto000
101.Parkdale - Toronto000
102.Silverthorn - Etobicoke000
103.Northview Heights - North York000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Leaside - Toronto643094
2.Northern - Toronto62.5062.5
3.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale103747
4.Lawrence Park - Toronto103444
5.Loretto Abbey - Toronto37.5037.5
6.St. Michael's College- Toronto03737
7.Francis Libermann- Scarborough73037
8.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke231033
9.Mother Teresa - Scarborough31031
10.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic22830
11.Upper Canada College - Toronto02929
12.Country Day School - King City62329
13.Agincourt - Agincourt02828
14.Birchmount Park - Scarborough18927
15.North Toronto - Toronto26026
16.Chaminade College - Toronto02525
17.R.H. King Acad - Scarborough16824
18.John Polanyi CI-North York91423
19.St. Andrew's College - Aurora02020
20.Riverdale - Toronto61420
21.Malvern - Toronto20020
22.Appleby College - Oakville02020
23.St. John's Kilmarnock15419
24.Pickering College19019
25.Silverthorn - Etobicoke19019
26.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor01818
27.Richview - Islington15318
28.Martingrove - Islington01818
29.Neil McNeil - Toronto01818
30.Monsignor Percy Johnson01616
31.Vaughan Road Academy12416
32.Woburn - Scarborough01515
33.Jean Vanier - Scarborough13215
34.Royal St. George's College01414
35.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro13114
36.West Hill - West Hill6713
37.Lakeshore - Toronto01212
38.East York - Toronto10212
39.Holy Trinity School- Richmond11011
40.Runnymede - Toronto01111
41.De La Salle College - Toronto01010
42.St. Joseph's College - Toronto10010
43.James Cardinal McGuigan4610
44.Albert Campbell - Agincourt01010
45.Bloor - Toronto369
46.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough099
47.Danforth - Toronto808
48.Havergal College - Toronto808
49.Dr.Norman Bethune - Agincourt088
50.Rosedale heights school of the257
51.York Mills - North York707
52.Father Redmond - Toronto527
53.W.L. MacKenzie - North York606
54.Earl Haig - North York606
55.Mary Ward - Scarborough066
56.Sir John MacDonald - Agincourt606
57.Crescent School - Willowdale066
58.Senator O'Connor - Toronto606
59.York Memorial - Toronto055
60.Albert College - Belleville505
61.Madonna - Downsview505
62.Cedarbrae - Scarborough505
63.Sir Oliver Mowat - Scarborough505
64.Parkdale - Toronto055
65.Monarch Park - Toronto404
66.Villanova College044
67.St. Clement's School404
68.Weston - Weston044
69.Victoria Park Collegiate Insti303
70.Bishop Strachan School303
71.Forest Hill - Toronto202
72.Branksome Hall - Toronto202
73.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough101
74.Etobicoke - Islington011
75.C. W. Jefferys - North York011
76.Emery - North York101
77.?SC. Saint-Fr?re-Andr101
78.Don Mills - North York000
80.Scarlett Hts Entrepr - Weston000
81.Bendale - Scarborough000
82.Notre Dame - Toronto000
83.Ridley College000
84.W. A. Porter - Scarborough000
85.Toronto French School- Toronto000
86.Greenwood College000
87.A. Y. Jackson - North York000
88.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto000
89.St. Basil The Great - Weston000
90.Lakefield College School000
91.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
92.Westview Centennial-North York000
93.Downsview - North York000
94.Newtonbrook - North York000
95.Harbord - Toronto000
96.North Albion - Rexdale000
97.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto000
98.Central Technical - Toronto000
99.Northview Heights - North York000
100.Western Technical Commercial S000
101.L'Amoreaux C I000
102.George S. Henry000
103.West Humber - Rexdale000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Lawrence Park - Toronto512374
2.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto333063
3.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke372360
4.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale104959
5.Newtonbrook - North York401252
6.Central Technical - Toronto133144
7.Upper Canada College - Toronto04242
8.Birchmount Park - Scarborough04242
9.Cedarbrae - Scarborough283.531.5
10.Havergal College - Toronto30030
11.Chaminade College - Toronto029.3329.33
12.Loretto Abbey - Toronto29029
13.Neil McNeil - Toronto02929
14.Francis Libermann- Scarborough20828
15.Monarch Park - Toronto12.7513.526.25
16.St. Andrew's College - Aurora02626
17.West Hill - West Hill26026
18.Father Redmond - Toronto25025
19.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic12223
20.York Mills - North York81321
21.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro111021
22.Richview - Islington91120
23.Bishop Strachan School20020
24.Bayview Glen - Don Mills20020
25.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough20020
27.Northern - Toronto91019
28.St. John Paul II CSS - Scarbor51419
29.De La Salle College - Toronto18018
30.Sir Oliver Mowat - Scarborough10717
31.St. Michael's College- Toronto01717
32.Villanova College51015
33.Leaside - Toronto21315
34.Vaughan Road Academy14014
35.Bloor - Toronto14014
36.Crescent School - Willowdale01313
37.Trinity College - Port Hope10212
38.Toronto Ouest01111
39.Country Day School - King City11011
40.North Albion - Rexdale01111
41.Crestwood College - Toronto010.3310.33
42.Senator O'Connor - Toronto10010
43.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough01010
44.Dr.Norman Bethune - Agincourt4610
45.Northview Heights - North York01010
46.W.L. MacKenzie - North York0.7588.75
47.Westview Centennial-North York808
48.Mgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda707
49.Sir John MacDonald - Agincourt606
50.Riverdale - Toronto066
51.Brebeuf - Willowdale055
52.John Polanyi CI-North York055
53.Harbord - Toronto505
54.George S. Henry044
55.Martingrove - Islington134
56.North Toronto - Toronto404
57.Silverthorn - Etobicoke404
58.St. Clement's School404
59.W. A. Porter - Scarborough044
60.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto404
61.Jean Vanier - Scarborough033
62.Don Mills - North York303
63.Runnymede - Toronto303
64.Central Toronto Academy033
65.Mary Ward - Scarborough202
66.Madonna - Downsview202
67.Lester B. Pearson- Scarborough011
68.Mother Teresa - Scarborough011
69.Humberside - Toronto011
70.Parkdale - Toronto101
71.Lakefield College School0.7500.75
72.Albert College - Belleville0.7500.75
73.Greenwood College00.330.33
74.TMS School000
75.Toronto Prep School000
76.St. Basil The Great - Weston000
77.St. John's Kilmarnock000
78.Pickering College000
79.Notre Dame - Toronto000
80.Ridley College000
81.West Humber - Rexdale000
82.Branksome Hall - Toronto000
83.Western Technical Commercial S000
84.R.H. King Acad - Scarborough000
85.Agincourt - Agincourt000
86.Victoria Park Collegiate Insti000
87.Woburn - Scarborough000
88.A. Y. Jackson - North York000
89.Albert Campbell - Agincourt000
90.Wexford CSA- Scarborough000
91.Loretto College000
92.Rosedale heights school of the000
93.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
94.Earl Haig - North York000
95.York Memorial - Toronto000
96.Weston - Weston000
97.Downsview - North York000
98.Malvern - Toronto000
99.Ursula Franklin Acad - Toronto000
100.East York - Toronto000
101.Danforth - Toronto000
102.Etobicoke - Islington000
103.Forest Hill - Toronto000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Birchmount Park - Scarborough01616
2.St. Michael's College- Toronto01616
3.Bishop Strachan School10010
4.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke10010
5.Central Technical - Toronto01010
6.Leaside - Toronto459
7.Neil McNeil - Toronto088
8.Sir Oliver Mowat - Scarborough808
9.Lawrence Park - Toronto808
10.Riverdale - Toronto088
11.Loretto Abbey - Toronto707
12.Greenwood College606
13.Newtonbrook - North York505
14.Mary Ward - Scarborough325
15.St. John's Kilmarnock505
16.Humberside - Toronto055
17.Upper Canada College - Toronto044
18.Runnymede - Toronto404
19.North Toronto - Toronto303
20.Monarch Park - Toronto202
21.R.H. King Acad - Scarborough022
22.Malvern - Toronto202
23.Chaminade College - Toronto011
24.Francis Libermann- Scarborough011
25.Havergal College - Toronto101
26.York Mills - North York000
27.Woburn - Scarborough000
28.York Memorial - Toronto000
29.Richview - Islington000
30.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto000
31.Pickering College000
32.St. Clement's School000
33.Branksome Hall - Toronto000
34.Earl Haig - North York000
35.St. Joseph Morrow Park - Will000
36.Albert Campbell - Agincourt000
37.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto000
38.Senator O'Connor - Toronto000
39.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale000
40.Country Day School - King City000
41.Parkdale - Toronto000
42.Danforth - Toronto000
43.East York - Toronto000
44.W.L. MacKenzie - North York000
45.Wilfrid Laurier- Scarborough000
46.John Polanyi CI-North York000
47.Don Mills - North York000
48.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough000
49.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic000
50.St. Andrew's College - Aurora000
Visually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Agincourt - Agincourt000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Greenwood College000
Intellectually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke000
2.St. Mary Catholic Academy - To000
3.Bishop Marrocco/Merton-Toronto000
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