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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Chaminade College - Toronto07575
2.Thousand Islands TISS323870
3.Father John Redmond - Toronto06666
4.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke372057
5.Notre Dame - Brampton34640
6.Philip Pocock - Mississauga32932
7.Silverthorn - Etobicoke52126
8.Father Redmond - Toronto25025
9.Crescent School - Willowdale02121
10.Mary Ward - Scarborough17017
11.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga9716
12.Upper Canada College - Toronto01313
13.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough11112
14.Toronto French School- Toronto10212
15.C. W. Jefferys - North York01010
16.Neil McNeil - Toronto01010
17.St. Joseph - Mississauga10010
18.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic459
19.St. Marcellinus - Mississauga808
20.St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Mississau347
21.St. Patrick - Toronto606
22.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale606
23.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga055
24.Country Day School - King City505
25.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto044
26.De La Salle College - Toronto033
27.St. Paul's - Mississauga022
28.St. Mary's - Toronto101
29.Richview - Islington101
30.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
31.Toronto Ouest000
32.Mother Teresa - Scarborough000
33.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
34.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
35.St. Augustine - Brampton000
36.Streetsville - Mississauga000
37.Lester B. Pearson- Scarborough000
38.Lakefield College School000
39.Monsignor Percy Johnson000
40.Bishop Strachan School000
41.Madonna - Downsview000
42.Anderson - Whitby000
43.Westview Centennial-North York000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Thousand Islands TISS5351104
2.Chaminade College - Toronto05353
3.Philip Pocock - Mississauga282351
4.Neil McNeil - Toronto03939
5.Father Redmond - Toronto35.5035.5
6.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke152035
7.Upper Canada College - Toronto03030
8.Country Day School - King City82028
9.Madonna - Downsview24024
10.Richview - Islington02323
11.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic19322
12.Notre Dame - Toronto21021
13.Mgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda20020
14.St. Augustine - Brampton81018
15.St. Joseph - Mississauga18018
16.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale8412
17.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga12012
18.ÉSC. Saint-Frère-André11011
19.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough4711
20.Silverthorn - Etobicoke2.5810.5
21.Streetsville - Mississauga10010
22.Father John Redmond - Toronto01010
23.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto358
24.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga336
25.Toronto French School- Toronto404
26.St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Mississau033
27.Bishop Strachan School303
28.Lester B. Pearson- Scarborough101
29.Mary Ward - Scarborough101
30.St. Patrick - Toronto000
31.Notre Dame - Brampton000
32.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
33.St. Paul's - Mississauga000
34.St. Mary's - Toronto000
35.C. W. Jefferys - North York000
36.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
37.Mother Teresa - Scarborough000
38.Royal St. George's College000
39.Monsignor Percy Johnson000
40.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
41.Westview Centennial-North York000
42.Crescent School - Willowdale000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Thousand Islands TISS87179
2.Philip Pocock - Mississauga5324.577.5
3.Richview - Islington45045
4.Chaminade College - Toronto03636
5.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke28735
6.Mgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda32032
7.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic721.528.5
8.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale51823
9.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto71522
10.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga20020
11.Notre Dame - Brampton10919
12.Father Redmond - Toronto14519
13.Mary Ward - Scarborough12618
14.Westmount - Thornhill16016
15.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough8816
16.St. Roch - Brampton01515
17.Madonna - Downsview13013
18.St. Augustine - Brampton6713
19.St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Mississau9211
20.De La Salle College - Toronto01010
21.Father John Redmond - Toronto10010
22.Silverthorn - Etobicoke01010
23.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga01010
24.Upper Canada College - Toronto088
25.Christ the King Jaguars - Geor066
26.Neil McNeil - Toronto066
27.Monsignor Percy Johnson066
28.Royal St. George's College055
29.Country Day School - King City404
30.Streetsville - Mississauga033
31.Anderson - Whitby303
32.C. W. Jefferys - North York022
33.Notre Dame - Toronto202
34.ÉSC. Saint-Frère-André011
35.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
36.Greenwood College000
37.St. Mary's - Toronto000
38.St. Patrick - Toronto000
39.Crescent School - Willowdale000
40.Mother Teresa - Scarborough000
41.Westview Centennial-North York000
42.Lester B. Pearson- Scarborough000
43.Dante Alighiere - Toronto000
44.Lakefield College School000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Thousand Islands TISS332861
2.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke33841
3.Chaminade College - Toronto03838
4.Upper Canada College - Toronto02424
5.St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Mississau10818
6.Greenwood College12012
7.Richview - Islington5611
8.Neil McNeil - Toronto01010
9.Toronto Ouest01010
10.Cardinal Newman - Scarborough1910
11.Notre Dame - Toronto909
12.Father Redmond - Toronto808
13.Country Day School - King City808
14.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga606
15.St. Joseph - Mississauga606
16.Silverthorn - Etobicoke426
17.Crescent School - Willowdale055
18.Clarkson - Mississauga505
19.Stephen Lewis - Mississauga505
20.Royal St. George's College044
21.Toronto French School- Toronto404
22.Michael Power/St.Joseph-Etobic033
23.Mary Ward - Scarborough303
24.Philip Pocock - Mississauga202
25.Lakefield College School011
26.Bishop Strachan School101
27.St. Patrick - Toronto000
28.Streetsville - Mississauga000
29.St. Mary's - Toronto000
30.St. Paul's - Mississauga000
31.C. W. Jefferys - North York000
32.Father John Redmond - Toronto000
33.Brebeuf - Willowdale000
34.Chinguacousy - Brampton000
35.Mgr- de- Charbonnel - Willowda000
36.St. Augustine - Brampton000
37.St. Joseph's College - Toronto000
38.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale000
39.Mother Teresa - Scarborough000
40.Westview Centennial-North York000
41.Notre Dame - Brampton000
42.Wexford CSA- Scarborough000
43.Marshall McLuhan - Toronto000
44.Monsignor Percy Johnson000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Christ the King Jaguars - Geor000
Intellectually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bishop Allen Academy-Etobicoke01010
2.St. Mary's - Toronto088
3.Monsignor Percy Johnson066
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