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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Edmund Campion3657.593.5
2.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi183755
3.Governor Simcoe-St. Catharines1222.534.5
4.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro141630
5.Brampton Centennial - Brampton4.52529.5
6.Loretto College26026
7.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale14822
8.Robert F. Hall - Caledon East11.251021.25
9.St. Marguerite d'Youville-Bram11516
10.Bishop Strachan School13.25013.25
11.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug8513
12.The Woodlands - Mississauga13013
13.St. Joseph - Mississauga11213
14.St. Peter's - Barrie10212
15.Rick Hansen - Mississauga6612
16.Western Technical Commercial S01111
17.St. Clement's School11011
18.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga628
19.Madonna - Downsview7.2507.25
20.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton077
21.Mayfield - Brampton707
22.Unionville - Markham606
23.St Martin CSS - Mississauga055
24.St. Augustine - Brampton055
25.Glenforest - Mississauga325
26.Humberview - Bolton4.504.5
27.Thomas L Kennedy - Mississauga044
28.Holy Name of Mary College Scho3.2503.25
29.Eden High School - St. Cathari033
30.Lorne Park - Mississauga303
31.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton033
33.Iona Catholic - Mississauga000
34.Meadowvale - Mississauga000
35.W.L. MacKenzie - North York000
36.Holy Trinity School- Richmond000
37.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss000
38.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto000
39.Erindale - Mississauga000
40.Cawthra Park - Mississauga000
41.J. Cardinal McGuigan - Toronto000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Peter's - Barrie15.531.547
2.Brampton Centennial - Brampton331245
3.St. Edmund Campion261642
4.Governor Simcoe-St. Catharines122840
5.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale29837
6.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton227.529.5
7.Unionville - Markham121628
8.St. Augustine - Brampton14.51226.5
9.Humberview - Bolton16925
10.St. Joseph - Mississauga1112.523.5
11.St. Marguerite d'Youville-Bram71623
12.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga3.516.520
13.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi19120
14.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto01515
15.Madonna - Downsview13.5013.5
16.Bishop Strachan School13013
17.St. Roch - Brampton527
18.Robert F. Hall - Caledon East066
19.Lorne Park - Mississauga066
20.St. Clement's School606
21.Eden High School - St. Cathari055
22.Mayfield - Brampton404
23.J. Cardinal McGuigan - Toronto224
24.Iona Catholic - Mississauga303
25.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug033
26.St Martin CSS - Mississauga022
27.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss202
28.Rick Hansen - Mississauga011
29.Central Peel - Brampton011
30.Cawthra Park - Mississauga000
31.Loretto College000
32.The York School - Toronto000
33.Western Technical Commercial S000
34.Thomas L Kennedy - Mississauga000
35.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton000
36.Meadowvale - Mississauga000
37.W.L. MacKenzie - North York000
38.Chaminade College - Toronto000
39.Glenforest - Mississauga000
40.Erindale - Mississauga000
41.Holy Name of Mary College Scho000
42.The Woodlands - Mississauga000
43.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Edmund Campion5157108
2.St. Augustine - Brampton371148
3.Brampton Centennial - Brampton2715.7542.75
4.Robert F. Hall - Caledon East432.2536.25
5.St. Marguerite d'Youville-Bram11.519.531
6.Humberview - Bolton161026
7.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi418.2522.25
8.St. Peter's - Barrie615.521.5
9.St. Roch - Brampton14620
10.St Martin CSS - Mississauga91120
11.Holy Trinity School- Richmond71017
12.St. Clement's School16016
13.Father Henry Carr - Rexdale102.512.5
14.Governor Simcoe-St. Catharines6511
15.Univ of Toronto Schools - Toro909
16.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton527
17.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton077
18.Rick Hansen - Mississauga606
19.Unionville - Markham426
20.Iona Catholic - Mississauga066
21.J. Cardinal McGuigan - Toronto04.54.5
22.Chaminade College - Toronto044
23.Etobicoke Arts - Toronto033
24.Lorne Park - Mississauga303
25.Glenforest - Mississauga033
26.Bishop Strachan School202
28.Western Technical Commercial S011
29.Meadowvale - Mississauga101
30.St. Joseph - Mississauga011
31.Cawthra Park - Mississauga0.500.5
32.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug00.250.25
33.Eden High School - St. Cathari000
34.Thomas L Kennedy - Mississauga000
35.The York School - Toronto000
36.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga000
37.Mayfield - Brampton000
38.Erindale - Mississauga000
39.W.L. MacKenzie - North York000
40.Madonna - Downsview000
41.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss000
42.Holy Name of Mary College Scho000
43.The Woodlands - Mississauga000
44.Central Peel - Brampton000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Humberview - Bolton5712
2.St. Clement's School808
3.Chaminade College - Toronto066
4.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi055
5.Brampton Centennial - Brampton404
6.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton033
7.Holy Name of Mary College Scho303
8.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug101
9.Western Technical Commercial S000
10.Bishop Strachan School000
11.Robert F. Hall - Caledon East000
12.Cawthra Park - Mississauga000
13.Eden High School - St. Cathari000
14.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton000
15.St. Marguerite d'Youville-Bram000
16.St. Edmund Campion000
17.Meadowvale - Mississauga000
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