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Overall Results by Team

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsRelay PointsTeam Total
1.West Credit - Mississauga91.51350226.5
2.Parkholme School95.7113.50209.2
3.Applewood School12474.50198.5
4.St. Augustine - Brampton31.51160147.5
5.Philip Pocock - Mississauga20.2990119.2
6.North Peel - Brampton71.2544.50115.75
7.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga1978097
8.Gordon Graydon - Mississauga4347.5090.5
9.St. Marcellinus - Mississauga5429.5083.5
10.Brampton Centennial S.S.15.552.5068
11.Ste. Famille - Mississauga2740067
12.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi36.529065.5
13.Rick Hansen - Mississauga33.726059.7
14.St. Michael S.S.4612.5058.5
15.Central Peel S.S.2620.5046.5
16.TL Kennedy1727.5044.5
17.Erindale - Mississauga39.250039.25
18.Notre Dame - Brampton29.650029.65
19.St. Roch - Brampton27.50027.5
21.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss618024
22.Iona C.S.S.1410024
23.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga1210022
24.John Cabot13.54017.5
25.John Fraser - Mississauga016.5016.5
26.Edmond Campion016.5016.5
27.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton510015
28.Woodlands Applewood4.7510014.75
30.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga86014
31.Meadowvale - Mississauga7.54.5012
32.Heart Lake - Brampton92011
33.Clarkson - Mississauga010010
34.port credit team 106006
35.Cardinal Ambrozic - Brampton0606
36.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton6006
37.Bramalea Secondary School0505
38.Loyola - Mississauga1203
39.St. Martin - Mississauga0000
40.Central Peel0000
41.Lincoln M Alexander0000
42.Chinguacousy - Brampton0000
43.St. Joseph - Mississauga0000
44.Mayfield Parkholme0000
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