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Overall Results by Team

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsRelay PointsTeam Total
1.St. Marcellinus - Mississauga63163.080226.08
2.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga64107.440171.44
3.St. Augustine - Brampton26.5114.240140.74
4.Philip Pocock - Mississauga3187.60118.6
5.St. Roch - Brampton7523.42098.42
6.Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Missi4846.38094.38
7.St. Joan of Arc - Mississauga22.564.33086.83
8.St. Michaels - Bolton2742.44069.44
9.St. Joseph - Mississauga58.6610068.66
10.Ascension of Our Lord-Miss1749.33066.33
11.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug3618.05054.05
12.St. Thomas Aquinas - Brampton2325.33048.33
13.St. Paul's - Mississauga369.44045.44
14.Loyola CSS - Mississauga41.50041.5
16.St Martin SS - Mississauga1921.5040.5
17.Notre Dame - Brampton2911.1040.1
18.John Cabot20.518.82039.32
19.St. Edmund Campion030.32030.32
20.Cardinal Ambrozic - Brampton22.57029.5
21.Iona C.S.S.11.8310021.83
22.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga160016
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