Boys Long Jump (Running)

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Richard AnokyePhilip Pocock - MississaugaND5.8010
Jacob BalanSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND3.958
Michael VeigaPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND3.505.50
Rohan ParmanandAscension of Our Lord-MissND3.505.50
Mark MacayanSt. Joseph - MississaugaND3.474
Bradley BowenSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND3.452.50
Jordan Rivera MenesesSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND3.452.50
Kyle StrojekSt Martin SS - MississaugaND3.431
Tyler FeniquitoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND3.15
Phillip Levesque PersaudSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND3.15
Maxime BarayaES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND3.15
Michael BotchwayAscension of Our Lord-MissND3.14
Francis FerlitoSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND3.08
Terrel JacksonAscension of Our Lord-MissND3.02
Tyus WilliamsOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND
Joshua SchembriOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND2.94
Taylor SchmidtSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND2.84
Gershom PeddamudiumSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND2.76
Anthony BeltempoSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND2.71
Andrew MotaAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.64
Elijah CruzAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.60
Stephen SiemensAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.56
Tylor KavanaghAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.54
Yves Anthony MadiloSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND2.39
Mark CarboneAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.28
Shaun McAndrewAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.19
David FioreAscension of Our Lord-MissND2.16
Sawyer FormaPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND2.15
Chester DalmacioSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND
Chukwuma OkorojiSt Martin SS - MississaugaND
Andre PowellJohn CabotND
Anthony RodriguesOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND
Patrick CaumeranAscension of Our Lord-MissND
Joshua ValdellonAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Andrew DuchesneES Sainte-Famille - MississaugNDSCR
Nicolas RomanoPhilip Pocock - MississaugaNDSCR
Joseph DavesneSt. Joseph - MississaugaNDSCR
Paco RenalesSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaNDSCR
Eddie NicksSt. Augustine - BramptonNDSCR
Marco BrancoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Peter KimSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Brenndan McLaughlinAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Tushar SousaAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Scott LemAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Daniel PaddisonAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Kwabena AgyemangAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Nicholas Del ZottoAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
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