Boys Shot Put

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Carter CrawfordSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND11.5010
Jake DelaneySt. Edmund CampionND3.3010
Paul RubbinoSt. Michaels - BoltonND10
Richard AnokyePhilip Pocock - MississaugaND11.108
Matthew SpizzirriSt. Michaels - BoltonND2.408
Anthony RiggioPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND9.406
Marco BrancoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND8.705
Michael VeigaPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND8.304
Connor CerraPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND7.302.50
Jordan Rivera MenesesSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND7.302.50
Rafael MaizoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND7.201
Jacob BalanSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND7.10
Kyle StrojekSt Martin SS - MississaugaND7.10
Francis FerlitoSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND7.10
Peter KimSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND
Yves Anthony MadiloSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND
Phillip Levesque PersaudSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND6.80
Anthony RodriguesOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND6.30
Maxime BarayaES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND6.20
Joshua FernandesSt Martin SS - MississaugaND
Daniel OliveiraSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND5.80
Andrew AaldersNotre Dame - BramptonND5.80
Axel RamirezSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND5.80
Matthew CurtissSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND5.30
Matteo MorelliSt Martin SS - MississaugaND
Jonathan CabralSt Martin SS - MississaugaND4.80
Patrick CaumeranAscension of Our Lord-MissND4.20
Thomas McGregorSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND
Sebastian Gomesd'YouvilleND3.90
Kobina Akuakuad'YouvilleND3.80
Lewis ShammarSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND3.60
Andrew DuchesneES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND3.50
Daniel AguirreSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND2.90
Nikolai RapisuraSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND1.50
Jasen (Brier) Fontanosd'YouvilleNDSCR
Paco RenalesSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaNDSCR
Tylor KavanaghAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Terrel JacksonAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Scott McGregorSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Michael BossioSt Martin SS - MississaugaNDSCR
Noah CoolAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Mark CarboneAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Elijah CruzAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Martin SkickiFr Michael Goetz - MississaugaNDSCR
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