Girls Softball Throw

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Taylor ArbeauPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.8010
Bianca BederskiSt. Paul's - MississaugaND0.7010
Daniela ZitaSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND0.608
Vanessa PezzuttiSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND0.208
Asia KuczekPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.505.50
Alivia CamaraSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND0.505.50
Angelina MareljaSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND6
Emily AndonovSt. Paul's - MississaugaND5
Jessica CarapiaIona C.S.S.ND0.403.50
Cheyanne DowneyNotre Dame - BramptonND0.403.50
Ashley JardineSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND4
Taylor ReganNotre Dame - BramptonND0.301.50
Rhea D'SouzaSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND0.301.50
Sheneice LindsayIona C.S.S.ND0.20
Sandra Cruzd'YouvilleND0.20
Leoneliz SerranoOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND
Gabrielle Taillefer-BlancES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND
Linda Cruzd'YouvilleND
Meaghan CrispSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND
Precious Adjei-BoachieAscension of Our Lord-MissND
Eden StoneburghSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND
Celine AyalaSt. Joseph - MississaugaND
Lauren MarquisSt. Paul's - MississaugaND
Samantha CrareySt Martin SS - MississaugaND
Julia AliSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND
Amanda ArdilaSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaND
Jenna PerdonSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonND
Marija MatesaSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND1.30
Samantha LeBlancIona C.S.S.ND1.20
Samrawit Beimnet GebrezghiSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaNDSCR
Asveena SaktikantanSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Faith DavidOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiNDSCR
Marie KamaraOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiNDSCR
Tiffany Agyemangd'YouvilleNDSCR
Aaliyah Smith-ParksAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Tharmiha ThangarajahSt. Joseph - MississaugaNDSCR
Deial CoelhoAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Samantha ValdellonAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Ceara TserepasSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
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