Boys Softball Throw

Name Team/SchoolSeedFinalPoints
Andy PascuaFr Michael Goetz - MississaugaND0.5010
Bradley BowenSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND0.2010
Klein PalinoSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND10
Connor ThomasPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.907
Andrew MotaAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.907
Dariusz MarkowskiSt. Paul's - MississaugaND8
George DanielSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.506
Joshua SchembriOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND0.804.50
Stephen SiemensAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.804.50
Schylar HallSt. Roch - BramptonND5
Marco MarinFr Michael Goetz - MississaugaND0.803
Tanner DangSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.803
John HernandezSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.803
Rohan ParmanandAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.503
Andrij StarkoPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.202
Sean TippingSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.501
Michael BotchwayAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.101
Jordan McNabbNotre Dame - BramptonND0.40
Sawyer FormaPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND
Adrian BurgessCardinal Ambrozic - BramptonND
Thomas PawlakSt. Roch - BramptonND
Dominic CalaminoSt. Michaels - BoltonND
Tyler FeniquitoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND0.90
Jean Carlo CuetoPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.80
Patryk SadkiewiczPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.80
Anthony DeschambaultSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND
Tomas LangillSt. Paul's - MississaugaND
Rhett KornelsenPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.60
Ariel AraminSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.50
Emmanuel MbuthoES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND0.50
Daniel LouisienPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.30
Vijeth VasudevanSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND0.30
Chinell HosangSt. Roch - BramptonND0.30
Emilio PerezSt. Roch - BramptonND0.30
Liam Edwardsd'YouvilleND0.30
Joshua ValdellonAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.20
Daniel PaddisonAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.10
Jerry Ak-kiowES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND0.10
Ryan GergerPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND
Daniel DiSanoOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiND
Simon LomibaoAscension of Our Lord-MissND
Domenico StumpoPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.90
Dennis CartagenaPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.90
David FioreAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.90
Nathan HernandezSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.90
Ta JohnSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.90
Mitchell DizonAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.80
William PokuCardinal Ambrozic - BramptonND0.80
Bay NguyenSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.80
Karl BreuerSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.80
Tushar SousaAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.70
Anthony AvilaAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.70
Ben SokolowskiSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.70
Alex AhmadzaiCardinal Ambrozic - BramptonND0.70
Jonathan JonesPhilip Pocock - MississaugaND0.60
Elisha JosephSt. Roch - BramptonND0.60
Gabriele MilazzoAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.60
Christopher CipitiSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.60
Mark KannoSt. Roch - BramptonND0.50
Valentino OhiroSt. Roch - BramptonND0.50
Taylor SchmidtSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.50
Aaron Reidd'YouvilleND0.50
Chukwuma OkorojiSt Martin SS - MississaugaND0.50
Druan HallSt. Edmund CampionND0.40
Shaun McAndrewAscension of Our Lord-MissND0.40
Michael MunroeSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND0.30
Mateusz DuszaSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND0.20
Youssef El RashidyES Sainte-Famille - MississaugND0.20
Matthews MesfinNotre Dame - BramptonND0.10
David SorrentinoSt. Edmund CampionND0.10
Antonio DimascoloSt. Edmund CampionND0.10
Amin AhmedSt. Roch - BramptonND0.10
Dustin LandrySt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaND
Michael RodriguesSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaND
Nicholas Del ZottoAscension of Our Lord-MissND
Travis HeckIona C.S.S.ND
Michael TucciaroneIona C.S.S.ND
Justin Mazur-JuPhilip Pocock - MississaugaNDSCR
Patrick NguyenPhilip Pocock - MississaugaNDSCR
Nicolas RomanoPhilip Pocock - MississaugaNDSCR
Anthony FernandesOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiNDSCR
Gershom PeddamudiumSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaNDSCR
Anthony BeltempoSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaNDSCR
Matthew BigasSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaNDSCR
Chester DalmacioSt. Francis Xavier-MississaugaNDSCR
Joseph DavesneSt. Joseph - MississaugaNDSCR
Augustine RollandSt. Joseph - MississaugaNDSCR
Mark MacayanSt. Joseph - MississaugaNDSCR
Tyus WilliamsOur Lady of Mount Carmel-MissiNDSCR
Eddie NicksSt. Augustine - BramptonNDSCR
Javon FelixNotre Dame - BramptonNDSCR
Nicholas AzevedoSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Jesse LawsonSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Matthew MandalitiSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Troy MorrisseySt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Peter NguyenSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Kenneth RomanSt. Marcellinus - MississaugaNDSCR
Jake DelaneySt. Edmund CampionNDSCR
Nicholas HicksSt. Roch - Brampton9.20SCR
Mario CordeiroSt. Roch - BramptonNDSCR
Kwabena AgyemangAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Scott LemAscension of Our Lord-MissNDSCR
Manny SilvaSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaNDSCR
John NebelukSt. Joan of Arc - MississaugaNDSCR
Daniel MarjiSt. Thomas Aquinas - BramptonNDSCR
Tyler Mittagd'YouvilleNDSCR
Andrew Okusagad'YouvilleNDSCR
Brailowski AlexSt Martin SS - MississaugaNDSCR
Vinod ArujaSt Martin SS - MississaugaNDSCR
Alex NoriegaSt. Paul's - MississaugaNDSCR
Krzysztof BadziochSt. Paul's - MississaugaNDSCR
Tom PovanzajSt Martin SS - MississaugaNDSCR
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