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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.E. L. Crossley CSS - Fonthill544397
2.Our Lady Mt Carmel SS -Mississ186785
3.St Marcellinus SS -Mississauga234770
4.Centennial SS - Welland322759
5.St Mary CSS - Hamilton341751
6.Sir W Churchill SS - St Cather123345
7.St Edmund Campion CSS - Brampt102838
8.Bishop Tonnos CHS - Ancaster271037
9.Notre Dame CSS - Brampton32335
10.Greater Fort Erie Secondary Sc151631
11.Cardinal Newman03030
12.Philip Pocock SS - Mississauga82028
13.Jean Vanier CSS23528
14.King's Christian - Oakville18927
15.Humberview SS - Bolton101626
16.Notre Dame College - Welland26026
17.The Woodlands - Mississauga24024
18.McKinnon Park - Caledonia51924
19.Craig Kielburger SS23023
20.Dr Frank J Hayden SS21021
21.Westmount - Hamilton02121
22.Mayfield SS - Brampton91120
23.Brampton Centennial - Brampton21820
24.Lakeshore CHS - Port Colborne01818
25.A. N. Myer SS - Niagara Falls61117
26.Eastdale SS - Welland01515
27.Notre Dame CSS - Burlington01414
28.Bishop P.F. Reding SS - Milton14014
29.Dundas Valley14014
30.St Jean de Brebeuf CSS - Hamil8614
31.St Michael CHS - Niagara Falls13013
32.Laura Secord SS -St Catharines01212
33.Bishop Ryan CSS - Hamilton7411
34.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga10010
35.ES Sainte-Famille - Mississaug10010
36.Eden High School - St. Cathari5510
37.Grimsby SS - Grimsby909
38.Rick Hansen - Mississauga819
40.Heart Lake SS - Brampton808
41.Loyola CSS - Mississauga628
42.St Joan of Arc CSS - Mississau707
43.Lorne Park - Mississauga707
44.Saltfleet DHS - Stoney Creek707
45.Mentor College - Mississauga516
46.Guido De Bres CHS - Hamilton066
47.DSBN Academy066
48.Thorold SS - Thorold606
49.Waterdown DHS - Waterdown516
50.St Francis CSS -St. Catharines066
51.Christ the King SS -Georgetown336
52.St Marguerite d'Youville -Bram246
53.Oakville Trafalgar - Oakville505
54.Heritage Christian-Jordan Sta044
55.Stephen Lewis SS - Mississauga404
56.Port Credit SS - Mississauga044
57.Smithville Christ HS -Smithvil404
58.Holy Cross CSS -St. Catharines044
59.Nelson HS - Burlington044
60.David Suzuki SS - Brampton404
61.Corpus Christi CSS044
62.Orchard Park033
63.Sainte Trinite033
64.Governor Simcoe SS - St. Catha033
65.Denis Morris HS -St Catharines303
66.Applewood Hts - Mississauga303
67.St Joseph SS - Mississauga303
68.Nora Henderson033
69.Sir Winston Churchill033
70.St Thomas Aquinas - Oakville202
71.Ancaster HS - Ancaster022
72.Clarkson SS - Mississauga022
73.St Aloysius Gonzaga SS -Missis022
74.Streetsville - Mississauga202
75.Aldershot - Burlington022
76.Iona CSS - Mississauga112
77.Iroquois Ridge HS - Oakville022
78.Robert F Hall CSS - Caledon Ea101
79.Erindale - Mississauga000
80.Georgetown District HighSchool000
81.Central Peel - Brampton000
82.Glenforest - Mississauga000
83.Holy Trinity000
84.Meadowvale - Mississauga000
85.St Paul CHS - Niagara Falls000
86.Cardinal Ambrozic CSS -Brampto000
87.St Ignatius of Loyola-Oakville000
88.Burlington Central -Burlington000
89.Brampton Christian - Brampton000
90.Abbey Park HS - Oakville000
91.Blessed Trinity HS - Grimsby000
92.St Roch CSS - Brampton000
93.St Thomas More CSS - Hamilton000
94.Hamilton District000
95.Dunnville Secondary000
96.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga000
97.Acton - Acton000
98.Garth Webb SS - Oakville000
99.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton000
100.ESC Jean Vanier - Welland000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Governor Simcoe SS - St. Catha422870
2.St Marcellinus SS -Mississauga343569
3.Brampton Centennial - Brampton491362
4.St Roch CSS - Brampton05252
5.E. L. Crossley CSS - Fonthill192645
6.St Marguerite d'Youville -Bram201636
7.St Edmund Campion CSS - Brampt34236
8.Westdale SS - Hamilton25833
9.Humberview SS - Bolton31233
10.Notre Dame College - Welland03131
11.St Mary CSS - Hamilton27.5330.5
12.Smithville Christ HS -Smithvil20929
13.Brampton Christian - Brampton161329
14.St Thomas Aquinas - Brampton32629
15.Sir W Churchill SS - St Cather02525
17.Philip Pocock SS - Mississauga22123
18.Mayfield SS - Brampton21223
19.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga22022
20.Port Credit SS - Mississauga02020
21.Bishop Ryan CSS - Hamilton81220
22.St Aloysius Gonzaga SS -Missis51419
23.Dr Frank J Hayden SS71219
24.Saltfleet DHS - Stoney Creek01818
25.St Martin SS - Mississauga18018
26.Guido De Bres CHS - Hamilton16117
27.Oakville Trafalgar - Oakville21517
28.Sir Allan MacNab SS - Hamilton01616
29.Eden High School - St. Cathari10616
30.Holy Cross CSS -St. Catharines61016
31.St Augustine SS - Brampton11415
32.Loyola CSS - Mississauga15015
33.Christ the King SS -Georgetown01515
34.Abbey Park HS - Oakville14115
35.St Ignatius of Loyola-Oakville01414
36.Fr Michael Goetz - Mississauga8614
37.John Fraser SS - Mississauga31114
38.Notre Dame CSS - Burlington14014
39.Our Lady Mt Carmel SS -Mississ12113
40.Dundas Valley12012
41.Hamilton District01111
42.St Joseph SS - Mississauga11011
43.St Jean de Brebeuf CSS - Hamil11011
44.Westlane SS - Niagara Falls10010
45.Georgetown District HighSchool6410
46.Lorne Park - Mississauga099
47.Garth Webb SS - Oakville909
48.Aldershot - Burlington808
49.Holy Trinity088
50.Sir John MacDonald - Hamilton088
51.Dunnville Secondary088
52.David Suzuki SS - Brampton707
53.Iona CSS - Mississauga707
54.McKinnon Park - Caledonia606
55.St Thomas More CSS - Hamilton066
56.Greater Fort Erie Secondary Sc606
57.Holy Name of Mary College Scho606
58.Stephen Lewis SS - Mississauga055
59.Nora Henderson055
60.St Thomas Aquinas - Oakville055
61.Corpus Christi CSS044
62.Chinguacousy - Brampton044
63.Mentor College - Mississauga404
64.Bishop Tonnos CHS - Ancaster404
65.Grimsby SS - Grimsby404
66.Robert F Hall CSS - Caledon Ea033
67.Cardinal Ambrozic CSS -Brampto033
68.Robert Bateman HS - Burlington022
69.Burlington Central -Burlington202
70.A. N. Myer SS - Niagara Falls101
71.DSBN Academy101
72.Iroquois Ridge HS - Oakville011
73.Cardinal Newman0.500.5
74.Jean Vanier CSS000
75.John Cabot - Mississauga000
76.Nelson HS - Burlington000
77.Cayuga Secondary000
78.Laura Secord SS -St Catharines000
79.Niagara Christian Collegi000
81.Central Peel - Brampton000
82.Acton - Acton000
83.Centennial SS - Welland000
84.Ascension of Our Lord-Mississa000
85.T. A. Blakelock HS - Oakville000
86.St Francis CSS -St. Catharines000
87.St Paul CHS - Niagara Falls000
88.Denis Morris HS -St Catharines000
89.Fletcher's Meadow SS -Brampton000
90.King's Christian - Oakville000
91.Westmount - Hamilton000
92.Lakeshore CHS - Port Colborne000
93.Bishop P.F. Reding SS - Milton000
94.Port Colborne HS -Prt Colborne000
95.Blessed Trinity HS - Grimsby000
96.St. Catharines - St.Catharines000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St Edmund Campion CSS - Brampt56.544100.5
2.E. L. Crossley CSS - Fonthill35.53570.5
3.St Augustine SS - Brampton332962
4.St Marguerite d'Youville -Bram153853
5.Our Lady Mt Carmel SS -Mississ241337
6.Westdale SS - Hamilton43236
7.Abbey Park HS - Oakville181735
8.Grimsby SS - Grimsby31233
9.A. N. Myer SS - Niagara Falls31031
10.Sir W Churchill SS - St Cather151530
11.St Marcellinus SS -Mississauga101828
12.Brampton Centennial - Brampton171027
13.Philip Pocock SS - Mississauga02626
14.Dundas Valley52025
15.St Thomas Aquinas - Oakville12324
16.St Roch CSS - Brampton111021
17.Centennial SS - Welland21921
18.Holy Cross CSS -St. Catharines02020
19.Robert F Hall CSS - Caledon Ea02020
20.Eastdale SS - Welland20020
21.Governor Simcoe SS - St. Catha11819
22.Notre Dame College - Welland01919
23.Brampton Christian - Brampton19019
24.Beamsville DSS - Beamsville13518
25.St Jean de Brebeuf CSS - Hamil17118
26.Heart Lake SS - Brampton16016
27.St Ignatius of Loyola-Oakville16016
28.St Thomas More CSS - Hamilton01616
29.Georgetown District HighSchool15015
30.Christ the King SS -Georgetown51015
31.Smithville Christ HS -Smithvil14.5014.5
32.Mayfield SS - Brampton13013
33.St Francis CSS -St. Catharines01313
34.Humberview SS - Bolton13013
35.Lakeshore CHS - Port Colborne012.512.5
36.Rick Hansen - Mississauga12012
37.Nelson HS - Burlington12012
38.Port Credit SS - Mississauga011.511.5
39.Thorold SS - Thorold01111
40.DSBN Academy11011
41.Dr Frank J Hayden SS11011
42.Cawthra Park SS - Mississauga10010
43.Guido De Bres CHS - Hamilton2810
44.Iona CSS - Mississauga01010
45.Notre Dame CSS - Brampton01010
46.Westlane SS - Niagara Falls1910
47.Iroquois Ridge HS - Oakville909
48.St. Francis Xavier-Mississauga549
49.King's Christian - Oakville628
50.Harold M Brathwaite - Brampton808
51.Cardinal Ambrozic CSS -Brampto808
52.Nora Henderson088
53.St Mary CSS - Hamilton707
54.ES Confederation - Welland066
55.Holy Trinity606
56.Hagersville Secondary066
57.Great Lakes Christian High606
58.White Oaks - Oakville606
59.Greater Fort Erie Secondary Sc246
60.Ancaster HS - Ancaster606
61.Milton District HS - Milton606
62.Turner-Fenton SS - Brampton055
63.Bishop P.F. Reding SS - Milton415
64.Bishop Ryan CSS - Hamilton404
65.Sir Allan MacNab SS - Hamilton044
66.David Suzuki SS - Brampton404
67.St Martin SS - Mississauga044
68.Notre Dame CSS - Burlington044
69.Burlington Central -Burlington044
70.ESC Jean Vanier - Welland033
71.Jean Vanier CSS033
72.Glenforest - Mississauga033
73.Port Colborne HS -Prt Colborne033
74.Garth Webb SS - Oakville022
75.Chinguacousy - Brampton022
76.Bishop Tonnos CHS - Ancaster202
77.St Thomas Aquinas - Brampton022
78.Stephen Lewis SS - Mississauga202
79.John Fraser SS - Mississauga1.501.5
80.Westmount - Hamilton011
82.John Cabot - Mississauga011
83.Sir John MacDonald - Hamilton011
84.Applewood Hts - Mississauga101
85.T. A. Blakelock HS - Oakville011
86.St Michael CHS - Niagara Falls011
87.Lorne Park - Mississauga000
88.Eden High School - St. Cathari000
90.Mentor College - Mississauga000
91.St Paul CHS - Niagara Falls000
92.Clarkson SS - Mississauga000
93.Streetsville - Mississauga000
94.Central Peel - Brampton000
95.Denis Morris HS -St Catharines000
96.Corpus Christi CSS000
97.St Joseph SS - Mississauga000
98.St Aloysius Gonzaga SS -Missis000
99.Aldershot - Burlington000
100.McKinnon Park - Caledonia000
101.Acton - Acton000
102.Cayuga Secondary000
103.Ascension of Our Lord-Mississa000
104.Robert Bateman HS - Burlington000
105.Laura Secord SS -St Catharines000
106.Blessed Trinity HS - Grimsby000
107.Craig Kielburger SS000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.E. L. Crossley CSS - Fonthill20929
2.St Edmund Campion CSS - Brampt61016
3.Humberview SS - Bolton5712
4.St Thomas Aquinas - Brampton01111
5.Notre Dame CSS - Burlington01010
6.Dundas Valley279
7.Our Lady Mt Carmel SS -Mississ099
8.Rick Hansen - Mississauga808
9.Milton District HS - Milton808
10.Abbey Park HS - Oakville347
11.Sir W Churchill SS - St Cather707
12.St Aloysius Gonzaga SS -Missis606
13.St Mary CSS - Hamilton505
14.St Marcellinus SS -Mississauga055
15.Georgetown District HighSchool404
16.Hamilton District044
17.Holy Name of Mary College Scho202
18.Smithville Christ HS -Smithvil022
19.White Oaks - Oakville101
20.King's Christian - Oakville101
21.St Martin SS - Mississauga000
22.St Ignatius of Loyola-Oakville000
23.St Marguerite d'Youville -Bram000
24.Nora Henderson000
25.Westdale SS - Hamilton000
26.Iroquois Ridge HS - Oakville000
27.Guido De Bres CHS - Hamilton000
28.St Thomas More CSS - Hamilton000
29.Christ the King SS -Georgetown000
30.Jean Vanier CSS000
31.Great Lakes Christian High000
32.Dr Frank J Hayden SS000
33.Corpus Christi CSS000
34.A. N. Myer SS - Niagara Falls000
35.Garth Webb SS - Oakville000
36.Beamsville DSS - Beamsville000
37.St Thomas Aquinas - Oakville000
38.Governor Simcoe SS - St. Catha000
Visually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St Aloysius Gonzaga SS -Missis000
2.Bishop Tonnos CHS - Ancaster000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Christ the King SS -Georgetown01010
2.Governor Simcoe SS - St. Catha000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Humberview SS - Bolton000
2.McKinnon Park - Caledonia000
3.Thorold SS - Thorold000
4.St Michael CHS - Niagara Falls000
5.Notre Dame College - Welland000
6.Our Lady Mt Carmel SS -Mississ000
7.Eden High School - St. Cathari000
Intellectually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Thorold SS - Thorold000
2.St Thomas Aquinas - Oakville000
3.St. Catharines - St.Catharines000
4.Georgetown District HighSchool000
6.St Marcellinus SS -Mississauga000
7.St Joseph SS - Mississauga000
8.Bishop Ryan CSS - Hamilton000
9.Bishop Tonnos CHS - Ancaster000
10.Eden High School - St. Cathari000
11.Notre Dame College - Welland000
12.Beamsville DSS - Beamsville000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Mayfield SS - Brampton000
2.Humberview SS - Bolton000
3.Notre Dame CSS - Brampton000
4.Beamsville DSS - Beamsville000
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