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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bill Crother Secondary School5377130
2.Dunbarton H S206787
3.St. Michael's College07777
4.Cardinal Carter S S5.3343.4348.76
5.Richview C I38139
6.Michael Power/St.Joseph's152338
7.Aurora H S28735
8.Unionville H S30232
9.Birchmount Park C I24630
10.Bishop Allen Academy141024
11.Father Redmond C S S61521
12.Anderson C & V I21021
13.North Toronto C I17421
14.Alexander MacKenzie H S12820
15.Father Henry Carr20020
16.Ascension of Our Lord S S20020
17.Ajax H S11819
18.Neil McNeil H S01818
19.Lester B. Pearson C I18018
20.Havergal College17017
21.Malvern C I21416
22.Albert Campbell C I21315
23.Don Mills C I01515
24.Sir Winston Churchill S S01515
25.Port Perry H S01515
26.Holy Trinity H S14014
27.Dante Alighiere Academy4812
28.Uxbridge S S12012
29.Brother Andre C H S11011
30.De La Salle College10.330.4310.76
31.Sir Wilfrid Laurier C I459
32.Etobicoke C I088
33.Pickering College808
34.St. Thomas of Villanova167
35.Cedarbrae C I606
36.Notre Dame Catholic Secondary066
37.St. Joan of Arc C H S066
38.Thornlea S S404
39.Loretto Abbey404
40.Abbey Park High School404
41.Riverdale C I404
42.Thornhill S S044
43.Francis Libermann044
44.Timiskaming D S S2.3302.33
45.Mary Ward C S S022
46.Markham D H S022
47.Westmount C I101
48.Pope John Paul I I101
50.Lawrence Park C I101
51.Sacred Heart C H S00.860.86
52.Paul Dwyer C H S00.430.43
53.Maple H. S.00.430.43
54.Milliken Mills H S00.430.43
55.St. Peter's S S000
56.Senator O'Connor College000
57.Trafalgar Castle School000
58.Newtonbrook S S000
59.Northview Heights S S000
60.Sir Oliver Mowat C I000
61.The York School000
62.Langstaff S S000
63.Earl Haig S S000
64.Dr. G. W. Williams S S000
65.Crescent School000
66.Bendale B T I000
67.Richmond Green Secondary Schoo000
68.J. Clarke Richardson Collegia000
69.St. Mary\'s S S000
70.Community Hebrew Academy000
71.West Hill C I000
72.St. Clement's School000
73.Mother Teresa S S000
74.Earl Haig S S000
75.Pleasant View Jr. H S000
76.R.H. King Academy000
77.St. Andrew's College000
78.St. Robert's H S000
79.William L Mackenzie CI000
80.Sutton D H S000
81.Community Hebrew Academy-R.H.000
82.Stephen Leacock C I000
83.Country Day School000
84.Downsview S S000
85.Emery C I000
86.C. W. Jefferys ci000
87.Etobicoke Sch. of the Art000
88.St Jean de Brebeuf000
89.Holy Cross Academy000
90.Winston Churchill C I000
91.St. Ignatius of Loyola S000
92.Westview Centennial S S000
93.Kenner C & V I000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Unionville H S25.51944.5
2.Michael Power/St.Joseph's63844
3.Cardinal Carter S S251742
4.Markham D H S103040
5.York Mills C I03838
6.Notre Dame Catholic Secondary26834
7.Anderson C & V I241034
8.Father Redmond C S S34034
9.Father Henry Carr131831
10.St. Michael's College03030
11.Neil McNeil H S03030
12.Sacred Heart C H S28129
13.West Hill C I151328
14.Dunbarton H S28028
15.R.H. King Academy20424
16.Westview Centennial S S19423
17.Albert Campbell C I16622
18.De La Salle College20121
19.St. Andrew's College02020
20.Aurora H S101020
21.Malvern C I19019
22.Pickering College18018
23.Richview C I61218
24.Ajax H S01818
25.Bill Crother Secondary School18018
26.Downsview S S16016
27.Francis Libermann8614
28.Keswick H S01212
29.Sir John A. Macdonald S S12012
30.Timiskaming D S S01010
31.Earl Haig S S01010
32.Dr. G. W. Williams S S01010
33.Bendale B T I01010
34.St. Joan of Arc C H S10010
35.Birchmount Park C I01010
36.Mary Ward C S S099
37.Abbey Park High School088
38.Toronto Waldorf School808
39.J. Clarke Richardson Collegia066
40.St Jean de Brebeuf066
41.Crescent School066
42.Cedarbrae C I606
43.Trafalgar Castle School606
44.Riverdale C I066
45.Port Perry H S066
46.St. Ignatius of Loyola S404
47.Newtonbrook S S044
48.Bishop Allen Academy404
50.Uxbridge S S044
51.Pope John Paul I I213
52.Country Day School033
53.Paul Dwyer C H S033
54.Mother Teresa S S022
55.Loretto Abbey202
56.Ascension of Our Lord S S022
57.Langstaff S S1.501.5
58.Brother Andre C H S101
59.Don Mills C I011
60.Richmond Green Secondary Schoo000
61.Northview Heights S S000
62.Etobicoke Sch. of the Art000
63.Sutton D H S000
64.Thornlea S S000
65.Lester B. Pearson C I000
66.Holy Trinity H S000
67.Winston Churchill C I000
68.Sir Winston Churchill S S000
69.Senator O'Connor College000
70.Earl Haig S S000
71.Sir Oliver Mowat C I000
72.North Toronto C I000
73.Holy Cross Academy000
74.William L Mackenzie CI000
75.Community Hebrew Academy000
76.Alexander MacKenzie H S000
77.Lawrence Park C I000
78.Milliken Mills H S000
79.Community Hebrew Academy-R.H.000
80.Thornhill S S000
81.Emery C I000
82.The York School000
83.Wexford C I000
84.Westmount C I000
85.Stephen Leacock C I000
86.St. Thomas of Villanova000
87.Kenner C & V I000
88.Maple H. S.000
89.Dante Alighiere Academy000
90.C. W. Jefferys ci000
91.St. Mary\'s S S000
92.Sir Wilfrid Laurier C I000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Unionville H S253661
2.Mary Ward C S S392160
3.Michael Power/St.Joseph's174259
4.Cardinal Carter S S103444
5.Malvern C I181634
6.Neil McNeil H S03333
7.Markham D H S62733
8.St. Ignatius of Loyola S32032
9.Espanola H S24630
10.Birchmount Park C I52227
11.Uxbridge S S101626
12.Dunbarton H S24024
13.Anderson C & V I20323
14.Sir Winston Churchill S S22022
15.Sutton D H S22022
16.Sacred Heart C H S201.521.5
17.Vaughan Road C I02020
18.Ajax H S20020
19.Aurora H S02020
20.Pope John Paul I I19019
21.St. Robert's H S10717
22.Stephen Leacock C I10717
23.North Albion C I01616
24.Abbey Park High School10616
25.Notre Dame Catholic Secondary11516
26.Sir Wilfrid Laurier C I61016
27.Cedarbrae C I01515
28.Bishop Allen Academy14014
29.Riverdale C I12012
30.Mother Teresa S S12012
31.Timiskaming D S S11.2011.2
32.St. Michael's College01111
33.Father Henry Carr01010
35.Etobicoke C I01010
36.Port Perry H S01010
37.Alexander MacKenzie H S909
38.St. Stephen's088
39.Dante Alighiere Academy088
40.York Mills C I088
41.Earl Haig S S1.267.2
42.Dr. G. W. Williams S S066
43.Thornhill S S066
44.Albert Campbell C I426
45.Etobicoke Sch. of the Art606
46.St. Thomas of Villanova3.525.5
47.St. Joan of Arc C H S505
48.West Hill C I505
49.Milliken Mills H S505
50.Holy Trinity H S404
51.Maple H. S.044
52.North Toronto C I404
53.Father Redmond C S S1.523.5
54.Lester B. Pearson C I21.53.5
55.Downsview S S033
56.Langstaff S S033
57.De La Salle College2.202.2
58.Lawrence Park C I011
59.C. W. Jefferys ci101
60.Northview Heights S S0.200.2
61.Keswick H S0.200.2
62.Brother Andre C H S000
63.Newtonbrook S S000
64.Richmond Green Secondary Schoo000
65.Community Hebrew Academy000
66.Country Day School000
67.Trafalgar Castle School000
68.Paul Dwyer C H S000
69.Westview Centennial S S000
70.The York School000
71.Francis Libermann000
72.St. Andrew's College000
73.St. Peter's S S000
74.Havergal College000
75.Thornlea S S000
76.Holy Cross Academy000
77.Richview C I000
78.Kenner C & V I000
79.R.H. King Academy000
80.St. Mary\'s S S000
81.Bill Crother Secondary School000
82.Wexford C I000
83.Westmount C I000
84.Loretto Abbey000
85.St Jean de Brebeuf000
86.Emery C I000
87.J. Clarke Richardson Collegia000
88.Bendale B T I000
89.Don Mills C I000
90.Crescent School000
91.Community Hebrew Academy-R.H.000
92.Ascension of Our Lord S S000
93.Senator O'Connor College000
94.William L Mackenzie CI000
95.Winston Churchill C I000
96.Earl Haig S S000
98.Sir John A. Macdonald S S000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Joan of Arc C H S61420
2.R.S. McLaughlin C & V I10818
3.Sacred Heart C H S16016
4.Notre Dame Catholic Secondary10414
5.Richview C I01212
6.Mary Ward C S S6612
7.Michael Power/St.Joseph's01010
8.St. Ignatius of Loyola S10010
9.C. W. Jefferys ci01010
10.St. Peter's S S01010
11.Unionville H S10010
12.Cardinal Carter S S808
13.Birchmount Park C I088
14.Sir Winston Churchill S S066
15.Port Perry H S044
16.North Toronto C I404
17.Paul Dwyer C H S022
18.West Hill C I202
19.Aurora H S202
20.Westview Centennial S S011
21.Riverdale C I101
22.St. Michael's College011
23.De La Salle College101
24.St. Mary\'s S S000
25.Bishop Allen Academy000
26.Lester B. Pearson C I000
27.Father Redmond C S S000
28.Pleasant View Jr. H S000
29.Country Day School000
30.Trafalgar Castle School000
31.Malvern C I000
32.Bill Crother Secondary School000
33.Crescent School000
34.Father Henry Carr000
35.Markham D H S000
36.Newtonbrook S S000
37.Albert Campbell C I000
38.Thornhill S S000
39.Mother Teresa S S000
40.York Mills C I000
41.Earl Haig S S000
42.Dante Alighiere Academy000
43.Lawrence Park C I000
44.Dr. G. W. Williams S S000
45.R.H. King Academy000
46.Sir Winston Churchill S S000
47.Thornlea S S000
48.Sir Wilfrid Laurier C I000
49.Northview Heights S S000
50.Brother Andre C H S000
51.Sutton D H S000
52.St. Thomas of Villanova000
53.Anderson C & V I000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.De La Salle College10010
2.Stephen Leacock C I000
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