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Overall Results by Division

Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Sacred Heart - Newmarket78154232
2.Bill Crothers SS - Unionville14849197
3.Aurora High School444185
4.Sir William Mulock - Newmarket49857
5.Unionville - Markham322355
6.Maple - Maple152338
7.Stouffville - Stouffville33336
8.ESC Renaissance92635
9.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora28634
10.St. Joan of Arc - Maple82634
11.Dr. G. W. Williams - Aurora72431
12.Newmarket - Newmarket141327
13.Woodbridge College Wyverns24226
14.Toronto District Christian HS13922
15.Vaughan - Thornhill02121
16.Thornlea - Thornhill15520
17.Westmount - Thornhill51520
18.Markham - Markham10919
19.St.Theresa of Lisieux-Richmond01818
20.Cardinal Carter - Aurora18018
21.Brother Andre - Markham01616
22.Bayview - Richmond Hill15116
23.St. Robert - Thornhill01616
24.St. Elizabeth - Thornhill01515
25.Keswick - Keswick12012
26.Bur Oak S.S.7512
27.Bill Hogarth S.S.12012
28.Markville Secondary School5611
29.Dr. John Denison - Newmarket01010
30.Emily Carr Secondary School099
31.Tommy Douglas Secondary School077
32.Milliken Mills - Markham707
33.Middlefield - Markham066
34.Bill Hogarth S.S.404
35.Jean Vanier CHS - Richmond Hil404
36.Alexander Mackenzie033
37.St. Augustine - Markham123
38.Langstaff - Richmond Hill303
39.Sutton - Sutton West022
40.Keswick - Keswick101
41.Thornhill - Thornhill000
42.Holy Cross - Woodbridge000
43.St. Jean De Brebuef - Vaughan000
44.Huron Heights - Newmarket000
45.Fr. Michael McGivney - Markham000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bill Crothers SS - Unionville15869227
2.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora6294156
3.Tommy Douglas Secondary School267197
4.Huron Heights - Newmarket342559
5.Unionville - Markham341650
6.Sutton - Sutton West173047
7.Sacred Heart - Newmarket162844
8.Markville Secondary School162642
9.Cardinal Carter - Aurora30838
10.St.Theresa of Lisieux-Richmond152237
11.Bayview - Richmond Hill251136
12.Aurora High School29635
13.Bur Oak S.S.62531
14.Markham - Markham02929
15.St. Jean De Brebuef - Vaughan02424
16.Sir William Mulock - Newmarket02222
17.Emily Carr Secondary School91322
18.Keswick - Keswick41721
19.Jean Vanier CHS - Richmond Hil14519
20.Fr. Michael McGivney - Markham01818
21.Richmond Hill - Richmond Hill15318
22.Toronto District Christian HS01717
23.Keswick - Keswick12517
24.St. Elizabeth - Thornhill14014
25.Thornlea - Thornhill10212
26.St. Augustine - Markham6511
27.St. Robert - Thornhill11011
28.Newmarket - Newmarket909
29.Dr. G. W. Williams - Aurora044
30.St. Joan of Arc - Maple404
31.Stouffville - Stouffville303
32.Bill Hogarth S.S.202
33.Westmount - Thornhill101
34.Vaughan - Thornhill101
35.Thornhill - Thornhill101
36.Dr. John Denison - Newmarket000
37.Maple - Maple000
38.Milliken Mills - Markham000
39.Holy Cross - Woodbridge000
40.Langstaff - Richmond Hill000
41.Middlefield - Markham000
42.ESC Renaissance000
43.Woodbridge College Wyverns000
44.Bill Hogarth S.S.000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bill Crothers SS - Unionville11261173
2.Sacred Heart - Newmarket7086156
3.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora5081131
4.Unionville - Markham193655
5.Fr. Michael McGivney - Markham123648
6.Cardinal Carter - Aurora241943
7.Newmarket - Newmarket182139
8.Thornlea - Thornhill03737
9.Sir William Mulock - Newmarket142236
10.St. Joan of Arc - Maple132235
11.St.Theresa of Lisieux-Richmond30131
12.Markville Secondary School26329
13.Langstaff - Richmond Hill111728
14.Thornhill - Thornhill181028
15.Westmount - Thornhill24428
16.Huron Heights - Newmarket23427
17.Brother Andre - Markham02626
18.Stouffville - Stouffville02525
19.Aurora High School24024
20.Emily Carr Secondary School17623
21.St. Elizabeth - Thornhill22022
22.Sutton - Sutton West101020
23.Vaughan - Thornhill18220
24.St. Augustine - Markham10919
25.Woodbridge College Wyverns71219
26.Tommy Douglas Secondary School12618
27.Markham - Markham51015
28.Maple - Maple01313
29.Bayview - Richmond Hill11011
30.Jean Vanier CHS - Richmond Hil077
31.Middlefield - Markham066
32.Richmond Hill - Richmond Hill066
33.Toronto District Christian HS066
34.St. Robert - Thornhill145
35.Bur Oak S.S.202
36.Milliken Mills - Markham011
37.Dr. John Denison - Newmarket000
38.Keswick - Keswick000
39.ESC Renaissance000
40.Holy Cross - Woodbridge000
41.Dr. G. W. Williams - Aurora000
42.Keswick - Keswick000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora241034
2.Sacred Heart - Newmarket81927
3.Sir William Mulock - Newmarket01515
4.Markham - Markham01212
5.Bill Crothers SS - Unionville10111
6.Cardinal Carter - Aurora1910
7.Huron Heights - Newmarket628
8.Aurora High School707
9.Woodbridge College Wyverns066
10.St. Elizabeth - Thornhill505
11.Milliken Mills - Markham505
12.Unionville - Markham235
13.Markville Secondary School404
14.Bayview - Richmond Hill011
15.Maple - Maple000
16.Keswick - Keswick000
17.Dr. John Denison - Newmarket000
18.ESC Renaissance000
19.Tommy Douglas Secondary School000
20.St. Joan of Arc - Maple000
21.St.Theresa of Lisieux-Richmond000
22.Vaughan - Thornhill000
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Bill Crothers SS - Unionville02020
Intellectually Imp.
Team NameLadies PointsMens PontsTotal
1.Maple - Maple01818
2.St. Maximilian Kolbe - Aurora01010
3.Holy Cross - Woodbridge088
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